In 2022, who still believes that “brushing” can make money?

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Double Eleven, Double Twelve Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas season, Spring Festival season all the year round seems to be the shopping season in the four seasons of buying buy, online shopping industry contains infinite business opportunities.In order to promote their stores and make it easier for more customers to place orders, some sellers will choose “brushing orders”.Ask what call “brush single”?The so-called “brushing”, in fact, is to find someone to place an order, and then through other ways to return the principal and commission, not the actual delivery of goods, in order to improve the online store sales, praise rate and exposure, to create a popular business, trustworthy atmosphere.However, people can’t stand without faith, and industry can’t thrive without faith.Brush single behavior is essentially fraud in advertising products, interfere with the consumer of the goods is, hinder the normal market “evolution”, damage the market order of fair competition, affect the business environment of cultivating integrity health, in violation of the “anti-unfair competition law” relevant laws and regulations such as the electronic commerce law.Also need to be vigilant is that there are some criminal gangs, personnel to “brush single” as a gimmick to fraud!In May 2021, a woman named Ye in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, received a message that “if you follow an account, you can get commissions if you like and follow it”. She added the account to her wechat account and started her nightmare journey of “brushing bills”.During that time, customer service asked her to download an APP of unknown origin to send orders.In the APP, Ye earned 5 yuan, 10 yuan and 20 yuan in commissions.The rate of return is low, but “even a fly is meat”, ms Ye increasingly believes, is a way to make money.As she became more and more emboldened, Ms. Ye followed suit with the “charity order”, which was said to be more profitable. Not only did the order require more principal, but she also needed 10 brushes to withdraw cash.After Ms. Ye invested several times in succession, the rebate was soon paid to her bank card, and her trust was deepened again, and she began to sink deeper and deeper.However, accidents soon came. Once, when she needed to withdraw 1888 yuan after investing, the system showed an operation error.In order to get back her principal, under the guidance of her mentor, she continued to invest as if possessed.Four thousand, one hundred thousand, three hundred fifty thousand…Withdrawal failure! Withdrawal failure!Customer service also said withdraw 1 million also need to pay 180,000 upgrade VIP, but the result can be imagined.When she began to doubt the authenticity of the platform, an employee claiming to be from the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) contacted Ye, saying that cash withdrawals would be subject to tax and would be returned after payment.Forced to do so, Ms. Ye paid 340,000 yuan tax, 200,000 yuan security fund and 220,000 yuan deposit, but the result is still the same — withdrawal?Want to have to beauty.At this time, she had already borrowed all over the family and friends around, calmed down, finally realized that they were defrauds, hurriedly reported to the police, but at this time, she invested more than 1.76 million yuan has long disappeared in the vast virtual network.Through poundage, tax, margin and other reasons to lure money transfer, criminals warm water frog type fraud operation let the deceived into a puzzle unable to extricate themselves!This is the “brushing” scam!July 23, Zhejiang Zhoushan police after finding out the situation, the people involved in the organization of the net action, arrested in Guangxi to Zhu mou led by more than 10 suspects.At present, the above personnel have been prosecuted in accordance with the law.Network police prompt “brush single” itself is illegal and accompanied by a large number of fraud trap a little careless will be like a magic brush all the money on the end of the doomed forever away from “brush single”, away from fraud source: Ministry of Public Security network security Bureau