There are four reasons why Sagittarius won’t talk to you. People who have more choices in life are not restricted

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Sagittarius tends to belong to the kind of people who are good at finding both ways in the outside, their personality has the atmosphere, shu Lang side, therefore, a lot of things are not easy in their hearts to produce persistent, or unwilling.So that, Sagittarius often have more life choices, they will not give their limits, so, they tend to pick up, put down, the abandon will not hesitate, so, Sagittarius does not ignore your reasons for what?Why Sagittarius doesn’t talk to you?Sagittarians tend to be passionate on the outside, independent, even lonely on the inside. They can use their social skills to get along with a lot of people, but they don’t necessarily follow their heart.Sagittarius is a bit natural and unrestrained, they are the real pursuit of freedom, so that a lot of things said put down, you can put down, a lot of people and things are suitable to keep in the heart.Sagittarians want to ready to leave, but really is not necessarily not deeply only, than the reluctant to go, they would like to with a little regret, go forward, like a traveler, so far from “homeless” is sound, Sagittarius bones, therefore, they don’t give yourself limits in life, also have no what can not let go of things.First, feel the other party “put on the stage” Sagittarius people tend to seem to be the bottom line awareness is not strong, in fact, is a very self-respecting person, so that many Sagittarians will have some people and things, some ideas of high self-esteem.For example, they hate some swatter, or love to take small advantage of people, or some like behind the “gossip”, face to face, behind a set of people, if a person in their heart belongs to the “do not place on the stage” type, so, Sagittarius will slowly away from.They don’t want their lives to be complicated, they don’t want to struggle with these things, they like to surround themselves with people who are outgoing and understand each other, and they don’t have much interest in traits that they don’t understand.Two, unworthy people will not remember the feelings, maybe, Sagittarius one second before the nostalgia and sad, but the next second, when they think through, will be generous and calm to leave.No matter how much Sagittarius likes a person, if the other person is not worthy of their own efforts, not enough to pay attention to their own, not good enough, then Sagittarius will not be a “licking dog” forever.Sagittarius will not stick to someone who is hiding something, or who has ulterior motives. Most of them will let go of someone who is not worth it in a moment, without much regret or revulsion.They know that some things are not theirs and there is no need to hold on to them. Therefore, once they let go, they will not deal with the past.Feelings, a lot of time, if Sagittarius left first, they will keep silent posture, and even, a lot of people are difficult to find traces of Sagittarius.Indeed, they do not like to say some parting words, also do not want to do too ugly posture, they like that kind of gradually away gradually silent feeling, a little, disappear in each other’s life, do not explain, because has replaced the language with silence.It must be said that some people may be shocked by this, and they may even be criticized a little, but silence may be their last tenderness, with a little regret and rejection.So much so that when things change, they will “pop up” again and try to be with you in another way.Sagittarius may not be a person who pays special attention to maintaining interpersonal relationships, because they are a little “self-familiar”, many things will come naturally, do not need to maintain their own deliberately.They tend to be a little lazy and feel that it is better to do more than less. The reason may be that they have not been particularly interested in anyone. They are lively in appearance but lonely in heart.They don’t tend to be very affectionate to many people, and they may even be a bit of a social loner. Therefore, if they don’t talk to you in particular, you are not a true friend in their mind.