Top 100 Private enterprises in Guizhou: Tongyuan Group ranked first, Laoganma sixth, guotai Wine Tenth

2022-06-01 0 By

The largest private enterprise in Guizhou is Tongyuan Group, with an operating revenue of 33.89 billion yuan, more than twice that of the second largest state-owned enterprise in Guizhou, which has become the pillar of private enterprises in Guizhou.Laoganma, a famous hot sauce company, has reached 5.4 billion yuan in revenue, ranking sixth in the province, even higher than China Airlines.Among the top 100 private enterprises in Guizhou, only two have revenues of more than 10 billion yuan, but there are still 50 with less than 1 billion yuan. The private enterprises in Guizhou are very small in scale, so it is necessary to continue to strengthen the private economy.I don’t know what you think?Feel free to leave a comment below