A businessman with real name reported that the Liaoning Branch of Bank of Communications illegally disposed of non-performing assets and caused the loss of state-owned assets

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Recently, Zhejiang businessman Chen Zhaoliang reported that the Liaoning branch of The Bank of Communications had illegally disposed of non-performing assets, resulting in a serious loss of state-owned assets.Arouse public concern.Fushun Longsheng Mining Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Fushun Longsheng) owed 46.3 million yuan of loan principal and interest to Fushun Sub-branch of Bank of Communications.On September 8, 2019, Fushun Longsheng entrusted its agent to submit the Execution Settlement Agreement and Power of Attorney to Fushun Sub-branch of Bank of Communications to communicate about repayment of principal and interest.On the other hand, Liaoning Branch of Bank of Communications reported this case to the head office of Bank of Communications in disregard of Fushun Longsheng’s repayment intention, hoping to cancel the loan and dispose it as non-performing assets.On July 23, 2020, Liaoning Branch of Bank of Communications issued bidding documents to auction the non-performing assets of Fushun Longsheng.However, it was not until August 5, 2020 that the head office of The Bank of Communications gave a reply and agreed that the Liaoning Branch of the Bank of Communications would “transfer the non-performing assets of fushun Longsheng Mining Co., LTD and other three households in batches by way of bidding, with a minimum transfer price of 10.8 million yuan”.Without approval, the Liaoning branch of Bank of Communications issued the bidding letter 12 days in advance and did not issue the auction bidding announcement, which staged a fraud of deception and deception.Zhejiang businessmen Chen Zhaoliang real-name reporting public bidding to become the indemnification in private transactions later, bank of communications in liaoning province through the black-box operation, in the case of not through public bidding process, on August 17, 2020, and private enterprises in liaoning rich appears most asset management co., LTD. Signed the transfer agreement, clinch a deal valence is 13.5 million yuan only.The process lasted only five days.Again, the same trick.Liaoning Fuan Financial Asset Management Co., LTD., as the creditor of The acquisition of Fushun Longsheng, once again illegally transferred the non-performing creditor’s rights of Fushun Longsheng to the third party Fushun Chengcheng Trading Company without issuing the creditor’s rights transfer and collection announcement, thus completing the “escape from the real estate”.From the illegal bidding of Liaoning Branch of Bank of Communications to the final acquisition by Fushun Chengcheng Trading Company, all links were suspected of illegal and rapid operation, and Longsheng Mining was informed of the news when it was too late.Fushun Longsheng mining victims have reported to relevant departments that in order to protect their rights and interests, Fushun Longsheng tried to negotiate with fushun trading company to buy back the creditor’s rights.But the fushun Dashan Trading company’s asking price rose all the way from 30 million yuan to 86 million yuan.The illegal disposal of non-performing assets by Liaoning Branch of Bank of Communications caused serious loss of state-owned assets.Recently, Fushun Longsheng has submitted the case to the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and other relevant departments in real name, and has been accepted by relevant departments. The case is under further investigation.