Beijing painting beauty gold point no injury double eyelid surgery how Dr. Wang Yifei change the future from the beginning of beauty

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Beijing painting beauty cosmetic surgery doctors Korea heart beauty eye plastic surgery hospital visiting Japan hui top medical plastic visiting scholar information daily beauty medical expert panel members in the whole eye nose comprehensive professional committee of the whole association branch of medical beauty and art director of Beijing medical university press “Oriental eye plastic surgery” translator is good at project: golden eyeOrganization shape, double eyelid eyelid margin incision, single-edged eyelid eye shape, young state angular repair, ocular plastic and repair, facial younger medical maxim: standing thinking in the art, sculpture in medical life character tags: romantic elegant, character, logical thinking, meticulous doctor introduction: graduated from China people’s liberation army (PLA) and the fourth military medical university in clinical medicine, engaged in aesthetic plastic surgery for 14 years, has profound attainments and rich clinical experience in eye repair, pouch removal, eyelid margin incision double eyelid and other aspects.Years of overseas living history makes her aesthetic always leading the forefront of fashion, unique artistic taste and unique ghost axe craft combination, favored by domestic and foreign eye plastic surgeons, many times as outstanding young ophthalmologist representative visit Japan and South Korea, academic exchanges.In 2019, he worked as the translator of The book Oriental Eye Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery for Peking University Medical Press.Wang Yifei doctor, has the sweet appearance resembling Yi Nengjing, because the eyes are soft and charming, and many times for the popular artist and well-known host knife eye plastic surgery, was called “star eye art fei”, is the appearance level and strength coexist “ophthalmic florets Dan”!Special Project: Golden Eye Tissue Shaping surgery golden Eye tissue shaping surgery is a personalized double eyelid modeling customization based on the proportion of face, head, three court and five eyes, combined with the overall temperament of the individual, in the way of opening inner and outer canthus + eyelid downward, integrating minimally invasive technology, forming the “golden triangle” organization structure around the eye.Gold eye tissue shaping is a kind of high technical requirements to the doctor’s eye plastic surgery, except to master eye tissue structure, still need to have consummate master palm techniques, its stronghold for the eyelashes, this approach, combining in cutting and cutting way, the good and discard the dregs, both the first amplification effect, and there was a solid eye organization safeguard, make eyes open and close postoperativeOperation without artificial traces, the eye shape presents a unique aesthetic feeling, eyes yingying as the flow of the eye wave, comprehensive to achieve the original ideal effect of natural beauty.Compared with traditional surgery, golden eye tissue plastic surgery has the following advantages: it covers a wide range of problems, such as unilateral and dual eyelid reconstruction, improving eye shape, changing eye absence, aiming at swollen eyes, removing excess fat around the eyes and so on.Fast recovery: with double support of painless technology and digital accurate measurement, the operative mouth is very small, and the principle of anastomosis wound growth and recovery of the operative mouth tissue, the whole body has no cutting marks, no traditional long-term swelling and blueness.Long durability: to retain the original orbicularis oculi muscle or orbital muscle fat, the dermal cortex in the eyelid phase suture, so that the shape of the eye to maintain the original natural beauty, whether open, close or blink, plastic beauty lasting unchanged.The golden point non-invasive double eyelid surgery can also combine the two surgical methods of inner canthus and outer canthus to achieve the desired effect of beauty seekers.