Beijing police: “Mom, I miss you”

2022-06-02 0 By

In the past two days, several moving photos have been circulating in the circle of friends of the police: two children are visiting their mother, a police officer, with binoculars outside the hotel on the 15th day of the first lunar month.The mother, meanwhile, leaned out of the window of her hotel room.They haven’t seen each other for 23 days.The mother of bi Xin in the photo is Li Juan, a police officer working for the Beijing Winter Olympic Stadium.When she was assigned the closed-loop security task for the Winter Olympics, she had hesitated — closed-loop means more than 60 days of closure, which also falls during the Lunar New Year and winter vacation. However, she decided to accept the assignment because she thought that other colleagues would have to make up for her withdrawal.After entering the closed-loop management of the National Stadium, Li Juan was assigned to the Certificate verification post of Ximen, mainly responsible for the verification of closed-loop entry-exit personnel and certificates.This is a 24-hour position, because the athletes, coaches, officials, media personnel and related staff are different every day, Li Juan and her colleagues need to be familiar with the situation of people allowed to enter and exit on that day in advance, to ensure that the entry and exit work will not be stopped due to verification.As the head of the post, In addition to daily duty, Li Juan also needs to carry out horizontal communication and coordination with various departments, and carry out daily training for police, auxiliary police and volunteers.In addition to the leisure can call home video, during the Spring Festival, Li Juan is spent in the post.On the 14th day of the first lunar month, Li Juan received a phone call from her father-in-law and asked her when she would be on duty the next day.Two people chatted briefly in the phone a few then hung up the phone, Li Juan also did not go to the heart.The next day is the fifteenth day of the first month, the morning is isolation hotel preparation Li Juan again received a call from her father-in-law, “today is the fifteenth day of the first month, must take the children to see you, you open the window.”Holding up her phone, Li hurried to the window and was pleasantly surprised to see her two children looking up for her downstairs, holding a banner that read “Mom, I miss you”.When the children saw Li Juan appeared at the window from a distance, they shouted excitedly: “It’s mom!Is mom!There she is!”They waved their arms as hard as they could and took out the binoculars they had prepared, while Li opened her arms to greet them.This is the meeting after 23 days, always strong Li Juan can no longer control, beans big tears rolling down.The result is these moving pictures.The reporter learned that Li Juan’s lover, father-in-law, father are all police, it is from the police family understanding and responsibility, so that she can “put down, sink” into the winter Olympics security work.Such as Li Juan so busy in the closed loop security work, with three generations of police, they and their families with “one family, a rope, one heart” spirit to jointly guard the double Olympic city.