China Unicom GCS: To serve international customers and connect the world with heart

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As the 14th competition day of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games drew to a close on Feb 18, China Unicom’s communication services never stopped.At 4:30 am on 18th Beijing time, China Unicom International Customer Service Fault Upgrade Response Center (GCS:The lights of the Global Customer Service Department (hereinafter referred to as “International Customer Service”) are brightly lit as always. The staff of the center are patiently and carefully answering the communication problems of roaming inbound customers from different countries. They also pay extra attention to the troubleshooting emails containing the keyword “Winter Olympics” and accept them as soon as possible.These customers’ demand gathered to Beijing by radio waves across the continents became a link to the world to participate in the Great Event of the Winter Olympics.Customer service is an international and professional team of China Unicom serving global customers. It is composed of young backbone members who are capable of supporting mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese and other languages and dialects, providing cross-border operators with professional after-sales service of data business and roaming entry.Since the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the average daily number of roaming visitors in The Beijing-Hebei region has increased by 24.3 percent year-on-year, the average daily data usage has increased by 545 percent year-on-year, and the average daily voice calls have increased by 18.6 percent year-on-year.In order to ensure the service of inbound customers, the team entered the state of 7*24 hours emergency support in early January.More than half of the international customer service staff are under 35 years old, which is a young team that dares to fight hard and can win battles.During the Winter Olympics, in addition to providing data services for overseas media and overseas roaming and visiting services, the company also undertakes remote language-assisted translation services for overseas customers in the business halls of Beijing Winter Olympics Village and main media Center.– “Data finished, I want more.”Want to buy data) — “Different data package have Different fee, by the end of the month, maybe 5Gbs are enough.”As one of the key teams in the reprotection of communications during the Winter Olympics, international customer service has its own “magic weapon” for service guarantee.In addition to providing dedicated service managers for key customers and promoting trouble solving in 7*24 hours, we also improved the service standard for roaming visiting business during the Winter Olympics — the time limit for handling the problem was shortened from the standard 72 hours to 24 hours.Truly ask and answer, when needed, quickly and efficiently.Moreover, in the face of complicated business scenarios, the team also carried out professional language training, so that every customer’s needs can be accurately met.During the Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom has launched nearly 10,000 pre-paid customized cards for international media and event teams.In order to ensure their smooth and convenient communication during their stay in China, the international customer service has developed an exclusive guarantee scheme for such team customers to ensure that all the cards can be activated and used smoothly after the customer lands.Among them, customers have encountered “small” difficulties when opening the number card.NBC staff reported poor voice quality to international customer service.In this regard, the staff sent by the international customer service to the main media center communicated with the customer face to face immediately, and cooperated with the communication engineer to carry out multi-scene field testing and debugging in the main activity area of the customer, and finally solved the customer’s problem.On the basis of solving problems, international customer service will also carry out in-depth follow-up for each problem to ensure that customers’ problems are satisfactorily solved.In the face of China Unicom’s warm service, athletes and staff from all over the world are generous with their praise and thanks.Every “Thank you” in a voice call or “Good job” in an email is a footnote to the world’s recognition of Unicom’s services.Guests from all over the country, ice and snow about the future.China unicom as the Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games only official communication service partner, always is the escort the games with high quality service level, and the most enthusiastic service for international operators and the games are related team sent to warm winter, let every call, every piece of information become China unicom’s high quality service commitments.