Kongji Township: Explore the “four and four” mode to create a “two horizontal and one vertical” green corridor

2022-06-02 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, Kongji Township ranked among the top in ningling County’s living environment improvement work. The good rural living environment has improved people’s satisfaction and happiness, laying a foundation for rural revitalization.In order to further improve the living environment, build a beautiful and livable new Kongji village, and promote the health of the whole people, Kongji Township, Ningling County, has taken the improvement of the rural living environment as an important starting point for the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy since last year. It has innovated the management mode, strengthened the tracking and efficiency, and explored the “four and four” mode.The green corridor of “National Road 310”, “Longhai Railway”, “Ninghong Highway” and “two horizontal and one vertical” will be built to promote the improvement of rural living environment in a deep and multi-dimensional way.Strong progress has been made in implementing the four-in-one policy.KongJi Township established party head overall responsibility, metre cadre bag piece, Bao Village township cadres, village cadres BaoHu, broad masses to participate in the “four one” working mechanism of party and government head top command to take the lead to grasp, township leaders dare responsibility concrete grasp, team member at the village two committees at death directly grasp, the masses to actively participate in consciously grasp,In the township to form a level of grasp, take a level, layer upon layer to grasp the implementation of the work pattern.Implementation of the “Four-team linkage” initiative was promoted.KongJi Township established by the village party branch secretary in villages, such as a whole, warm-hearted man of counseling team, patrol, appraisal, supervision unit door patiently explain policy, down the street to have a tour of environmental health problems, and organize the villagers watch video, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the masses to improve living environment, implements the masses from “sleeve hand” to “attack”.”Four guarantees” change bad habits.Kongji Township Party committee to increase environmental remediation efforts, to ensure that personnel, mechanisms, funds, and effects are guaranteed.Along with environmental renovation, township, investing, perfect the system, clear responsibility, and put the work into the village level examination, has been clear about the sanitation BaoJieDui, tour river, the villagers’ group leader, livestock and poultry breeding large groups should bear the responsibility respectively, such as effective connection to their work, form linkage complementary cleaning operation mechanism.Each village is responsible for the management of rural small advertising problems, multi-channel policies gradually change the bad habits of the masses.At present, the township has carried out monthly health cleaning 3 times;We deepened the river chief system and cleaned up rivers under our jurisdiction 16 times.We visited the village three times and organized party members and villagers representatives to hold 50 “most beautiful courtyards” appraisal activities.”Four stares” to focus.Kongji Township further clear working ideas, determine the focus of the work, pay close attention to “310 National Road”, “Longhai Railway”, “Ningkong Highway”, to create “two horizontal and one vertical” green corridor;Pay close attention to the front and back of the house, eliminate the white garbage and sundries in the village laneways and along the village roads, and carry out greening and landscaping activities such as home greening and courtyard beauty;Focusing on the theme activities, we will carry out the activity of “Building beautiful Holes together”. By demolishing hollow houses, transforming toilets, sewage discharge, cleaning up household garbage, ditches, DAMS, livestock and poultry waste and agricultural waste, we will continuously purify, green, beautify and brighten the rural environment, helping rural areas bid farewell to “dirty and messy” and usher in “clean and beautiful”.Pay close attention to the “Ancient Song River”, the two sides of the river into the water clear scenery, conservation of water green brocade belt.