LEXUS Tiger year car buying carnival -NX enjoy 0 yuan home loan

2022-06-02 0 By

RX Buying Day – Twitter buying 5 SETS of RX “beautiful” price 1 yuan for buying ¥3800 car fund /Car purchase gift package (choose 1 from 2) Buy a car before 13:00 enjoy LEXUS original white porcelain tea set 10 sets purchase activity model exclusive 2-year 0 interest cooperative unit Enjoy activities employee price purchase car as low as 8.8 percent discount to purchase specified models can enjoy 10,000 yuan licensing subsidies!Buy some models enjoy 0 yuan of credit home, to help you easily buy a car!Purchase UX daily for 127 yuan, comprehensive discount up to 30,000 yuan!Participate in the valuation of the car during the activity, replacement to enjoy 21000 yuan subsidy!During the event, successful car purchase can participate in the lucky draw, iPhone 13, Mi TV…Wait for you to bring home luxury gifts!Free of Guangzhou indicators, down payment of 45,000 yuan from the limited car sale, enjoy 2 years 0 interest!Replacement car enjoy ten thousand yuan subsidy!Enjoy pure electric UX300e down payment 50%, car enjoy 3 years 0 interest!Free of purchase tax!0 down payment, daily supply only 127 yuan can have!Upgrade up to 10 years 250,000 km free warranty free maintenance service!Online booking to see the car, exclusive VIP fast channel one to one service, to the shop price more preferential!Model promotion Model guide price (ten thousand) Discount range (ten thousand) Preferential price (ten thousand) Inventory status 2022 260 two-drive Chuangchi version 31.88–31.88 Present car sufficient 2022 350H two-drive Chuangchi version 35.58–35.58 Present car sufficient 2022 260 two-drive2022 models 260 two-drive innovative version 40.58–40.58 Present car ample 2022 350H two-drive2022 models 350H 4X4 F SPORT54.88–54.88 2020 models 200 two-wheel drive front line editionChina VI30.221.728.52 now car sufficient 2020 200 two-drive front is still version of China VI32.721.731.02 now car sufficient 2020 200 four-drive front is still version of China VI34.521.732.82 now car sufficient 2020 two-drive front is still version2020款 300h two-wheel drive F SPORTIn addition, the purchase of the car is also a gift package worth 5000 yuan, specific content: Others: Lexus luxury gift package