Often eat sauerkraut, be after all “preserve one’s health” still “cause cancer”?I suggest you to understand

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Speaking of sauerkraut, I believe we first think of the northeast, in the winter, families in the northeast will choose pickled sauerkraut, but also put on the table, sauerkraut can also be made into many dishes, such as sauerkraut pork stew vermicelline and so on, loved by many people.In fact, the so-called sauerkraut can be used as a seasoning in the diet, and it can also be used as a meal or an appetizer. The taste of sauerkraut in each region is also different.01 Nutritional value of sauerkraut the nutrients in sauerkraut mainly come from pickled raw materials, most of the raw materials are green leafy vegetables, sauerkraut is rich in a lot of organic acids, amino acids and minerals and so on, but the calcium in sauerkraut will be neutralized, and will lose its beneficial role.1, dietary fiber production of sauerkraut raw material is vegetables, there are a lot of dietary fiber material, we eat sauerkraut, will have a good moistening bowel bowel laxative effect, for constipation, you can eat some sauerkraut.2, organic acid sauerkraut this food is rich in organic acid substances, most of which are lactic acid, which can play a strong stimulation effect. After we eat sauerkraut, it has the effect of appetizing and healthy food, which can promote our digestion and absorption.3, copper pickled cabbage contains a lot of copper, copper is a micronutrient for our health can not be missing, and for the central nervous system and hair, bone tissue and other visceral functions and development have a very important role.Case analysis From the northeast Aunt Wang, Aunt Wang likes to eat sauerkraut since childhood, therefore, the home will be stocked with all kinds of sauerkraut, and Aunt Wang’s family also like to eat sauerkraut.Once a friend came to visit aunt Wang’s home, accidentally saw a few jars on aunt Wang’s balcony, feel curious, asked Aunt Wang.”This jar is my own pickled cabbage, everyone in our family likes to eat, would you like to have a taste?”Aunt Wang told her friend with a smile on her face.But that aunt Wang did not expect is, friends said, “there are a lot of nitrite in sauerkraut, if you eat it will lead to cancer, you can not eat it.”Aunt Wang felt puzzled.Our family has been eating for many years, and there is no cancer ah, is it not an outbreak?Aunt Wang immediately went to the Internet to search for knowledge.There are all kinds of opinions on the Internet, Wang aunt does not know how to choose, so eating sauerkraut can really cause cancer?Let’s find out today.Does pickled cabbage contain carcinogenic nitrite?Sauerkraut itself is rich in a lot of nitrite, cabbage grown in soil will absorb nitrogen in soil, and nitrogen, is rich in large amounts of nitrate, after curing, it will be converted to nitrite and nitrate of sauerkraut are rich in large amounts of nitrite substances, but not very high levels.Often eat sauerkraut, in the end is “health” or “cancer”?Here is to know about the Internet now together often eat sour pickled cabbage can cause cancer, in order to find out the truth of the matter, some experts tested for this problem, the sour pickled cabbage and pickles consumption of different materials and different saline to compare, and then through the different curing temperature, to observe the nitrite content.The results showed that: Day 1: the content of nitrite in Chinese cabbage was 5.2~7.3mg/kg Day 5: the content of nitrite in Chinese cabbage was 189.2~213.4mg/kg Day 15: the content of nitrite in Chinese cabbage was 3.2~3.7mg/kg Day 20:The nitrite content of cabbage in 1.4~2.1mg/kg after research found that in the process of making pickles, the nitrite content of pickles is from high to low, after curing for 20 days, the nitrite content of pickles has decreased significantly.Sauerkraut will be grieved, because lactic acid bacteria break down the sugars of cabbage, and lactic acid material, this kind of material is not carcinogenic, lactic acid after absorbed by our body, can enhance our appetite and digestion, although Chinese cabbage become sour, but the nutrients is not easy to lost, suggest you can eat some sour pickled cabbage,It’s good for our health.Sauerkraut in the fermentation will also appear some miscellaneous bacteria, will reduce the nitrate into toxic nitrite, because sauerkraut is rich in a large number of lactic acid bacteria, can help inhibit nitrate reduction, to avoid the generation of nitrite, so, generally relatively high quality sauerkraut is not carcinogenic.But when we store sauerkraut, we must pay attention to health, when sauerkraut if infected, there will be dark color, salty acid and so on, such sauerkraut has gone bad, is not to eat any more.Generally pickled pickled cabbage can be eaten after 20 days, it is best to wait until 30 days later, at this time the content of nitrite in pickled cabbage is less, when eating will be relatively safe.That’s all for today. 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