The new rules of the bank, deposit now more than 50,000 need to register

2022-06-02 0 By

Different from the former unlimited card, in recent years, in order to avoid telecom fraud, etc., now the card opening procedures become relatively cumbersome, if it is a wage card, need to show the labor contract, and no no specific reason to open the card, need to provide household registration, social security and other records, and the amount of card opening is limited.Today, there are policies on the amount of deposits and withdrawals have also made relevant provisions, the reason for which is money laundering for lawbreakers.At the same time, “personal cash withdrawal more than 50,000 yuan to register” was a hot search.As a matter of fact, the new personal cash withdrawal policy has little impact on us ordinary people.There’s nothing to worry about as long as the money comes in the right way, clearly, clearly.In addition, some netizens said that this is also to de-cash, the development of the digital RMB preparation.And what can prevent lawless element to take money so, because had limited to do card before, limit to take money now, can delay lawless element effectively take cash limitation.In this regard, some netizens said, “In fact, it is ok for us, it is not a transfer of cash, just register, most of our people’s money is white;We support the new regulations mainly to standardize management and crack down on money laundering by lawbreakers. There is nothing to worry about if everyone is aboveboard and not guilty.Some people also said that this is implemented in many countries, the routine operation of anti-money laundering, the threshold of the United States is 10,000 yuan, you can search the news of how Yingda was fined $200W for illegal operation in those years.In addition, due to the counter circulation speed of many banks is relatively slow, some netizens said that the counter workload has increased, customers wait longer, there is no corresponding hard and fast regulation (such as at the same time operating counter shall not be less than a certain number) to eliminate this influence?What do you think about that?Do you think this rule affects you?