These four things are 10,000 times more important for a preschooler to learn than words and arithmetic

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Learning these four things is 10,000 times more important than reading and counting!08-29 Shanshan Billion children parents college every time to send baby to kindergarten, always can hear such “nagging” from the parents of mutual pleasantries: parents A: every day back to ask what the baby learned in kindergarten, always ask three I don’t know!Parent B: Send to kindergarten for someone to help take care of the baby, what can we learn here?Parent C: My baby sent training classes every weekend, or I’m afraid I can’t keep up with school!Around the face of such a sound, a senior director more than once issued a sigh with emotion: the stage of kindergarten children, is not a “class” is to study, if waste precious time in the study of “cramming” and ignore the child’s personality development and quality training, so even if again good education resources to the child is not worth the cost.China have the old saying “the big 3 years old, look old” seven, 3-6 years old children as mining potential and important stage of the character of children, rather than to learn pinyin, literacy, numeracy, dear mom and dad might as well pay more attention to whether the children in the kindergarten learn the following “skill”, these are mostly impossible to quantify the soft power, but enough to affect a child’s life!A few days ago, a sad news spread on the Internet: a 79-year-old old woman and her 87-year-old wife set up stalls selling snacks on the roadside for seven consecutive years. They were supposed to take care of themselves so much, just to earn more money to pay off debts for their son.The son, although able-bodied, has been hiding behind his elderly parents quietly “gnawing”.Face reporter’s interview, old woman did not complain a bit: “my son just 47 years old, still small!”Parents love their children, is always selfless.At home, parents see their baby slightly laboring to tie shoelaces, wash face, wear clothes, etc., always can not help but come forward to help, but such excessive protection will only encourage the child’s selfishness, helplessness and dependence, and even let them adult still maintain a “giant baby” psychology, unwilling to leave their parents “swaddling”.In kindergartens, teachers do not take such “care” of children. They teach children basic life skills and learn to take care of themselves by telling stories and setting good examples.This deep and broad love, not only can inspire children’s love for life, but also for their future savings in the face of life’s ups and downs of strength.Kindergarten is the first time for children to come into contact with the real society. The “rules of life” they learn and master here are not only the basis for their future integration into society, but also the concentrated reflection of their personal upbringing in adulthood.Many children will always be the “biggest” at home, ordering grandpa and grandma without saying “thank you”, delicious food for a person alone, unhappy temper……However, in kindergarten, teachers will help children improve themselves by making various rules, so that they can realize the transition from “individual” to “social people”.Ask children to wash their hands before meals, help them develop good personal hygiene habits, effectively prevent the invasion of various diseases, and protect their health.◆ Stipulate that children go to bed early and get up early every day, and take a nap on time;Eat not picky food, not partial food;Be able to dress yourself, put on shoes, go to the toilet, help children develop good living habits.◆ Teach children to use polite expressions such as hello/please/thank you/excuse me in appropriate situations. Let them know that politeness is a basic social skill.◆ Tell your child not to talk loudly in public and not to interrupt others at will;Take turns to play with toys, learn to wait in line to go to the bathroom, so that children become the people who adapt to the future society….A mother once shared a kindergarten teaching video to the parents group. The teacher and her child were playing with building blocks together. In one part, the teacher asked the children: There are 10 building blocks in the box, and 15 children came today.Some children said they could play together, some said to call their mother, and some said to go home to get a few pieces…Open-ended questions like this get every child involved and open their mind to an unimaginative way of integrating knowledge, skills and play that means more than learning “1+1=2”.Every child has a curiosity to explore the world. This precious desire for exploration is the foundation of creative thinking and an inexhaustible driving force for learning and growth.Kindergarten teachers are good at creating all kinds of opportunities, through the provision of learning materials and the design of regional activities, to trigger children to actively construct in the situational environment, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, promote the development of their learning quality, and lay a foundation for children’s lifelong learning.The development of society in the future requires children to have the ability to be sociable, cheerful, confident and adapt to the new environment from an early age. Communication is the premise for children to acquire these abilities and form a good personality.In the big family of kindergarten, children can meet their normal emotional communication needs through communication with teachers and partners, so that their behaviors and thoughts can be understood and respected by others. At the same time, under the subtle influence of the collective consciousness of kindergarten, children will consciously master more “social principles”.◆ How to make friends: Children can learn how to interact with others and how to maintain friendship while living, studying and playing with their peers.◆ Learn to help others: teachers will guide and educate children when others are in trouble, give help, learn to share, understand empathy.◆ Learn to resolve disputes: It is inevitable that there will be disputes between children in kindergarten. Teachers’ examples can help children learn how to deal with social problems, which is the best time for children to get rid of their “self-centered”.As parents, we should think of parenting as a continuous axis, not scattered points, with specific tasks to be completed at each stage.In the education of 3-6 years old children, the most important thing is absolutely not to learn what content, but should be to excavate children’s interest in learning, develop children’s good living habits, learning habits, develop children’s sound personality, for their future happy life to build a solid foundation!At the same time, if families and kindergartens can work together to promote the development of these abilities, then the education of children will be twice the result with half the effort.Note: This article is adapted from “Wang Renyuan family Education Studio”.”Wang Renyuan Family education Studio” to promote advanced family education concept, free public family education guidance speech, family education consultation, transmission of positive energy, dissemination of excellent culture as its own responsibility.More wonderful, please collect and pay attention to Wang Renyuan family education studio, Douyin: Wang Renyuan Family Education (91193275302).You can search “Teacher education and training speech Wang Renyuan” on Youku.