To our surprise, Dongguan Lynk 09 PHEV decreased by 0.01 thousand yuan, looking forward to your visit

2022-06-02 0 By

What to do with the endless projects in the company, the congestion at the subway entrance every day, and no personal space?I want lynk 09 PHEV, I want Lynk 09 PHEV, I want Lynk 09 PHEV.Important things say three times!Recently, Dongguan Jinruida Lynk Center store lynk 09 PHEV sales, color optional, some models of the current purchase price 0.03%, the activity until February 7th, interested friends can go to the shop consultation purchase, shop address:From February 07, 2022 to February 07, 2022 lynk 09 LATEST QUOTATION for PHEV models Manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Dongguan quotation 2.0T PHEV UltraSix seats, 379,900 yuan, 378,800 yuan, 2.0T PHEV Halo Six seats, 315,900 yuan, 315,800 yuan, 2.0T PHEV Halo PHEV Pro six seats, 315,900 yuan, 315,800 yuan, 2.0T PHEV Halo2.0T PHEV Ultra 7seater 379,900 RMB 378,800 RMB