Winter Olympics is the real Gala?Wang Meng joke hand funny, immersion commentary

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Editor: distribution member family, these days of the Winter Olympic Games we must have seen it, the winter Olympic Games Wang Meng commentary wonderful degree but a little less than the game itself ah!If the Winter Olympics is a Spring Festival Gala, then Wang Meng is definitely the joke of the Spring Festival Gala.Yesterday wang Meng did not let you down, send Huang Jianxiang signature photos selected long in their own aesthetic point.Also took the initiative to cue up their own ring stalk.Wang Meng: As long as MY voice is loud enough, she will surely hear me.Oh, I can’t sit still…No, it’s live…Wang Meng: Oh, mom, I’m so anxious. You come down and I’ll go up!(At one point, Deorange thought Monjie was not in the studio, but on the scene…)The last leg behind the players from Wu Dajing gap is very small, almost at the same time across the line.While everyone is waiting for a replay of the details, mengjie is already celebrating China’s first gold medal of the Winter Olympics!”My eyes are rulers!I’m telling you!”(I’m so confident!)Seeing the audience so calm, Meng jie said, “Are they all so shy?”Put the audience on their feet.To tell the truth, orange forgot to sit next to a Huang Jianxiang teacher, but Meng sister words to huang Jianxiang teacher is also not at all.(If the camera is not given to Teacher Huang Jianxiang, will the audience think this is a solo commentary…)Huang Jianxiang: When I was young?That is to say, as a native of northeast China, Wang Meng has some talent for comedy.”I don’t know how to sympathize with them,” wang said when he saw the Korean players fall. “Let’s have a look at the replay and see how the Korean team fell.””Good fall.”Realize it’s live and say, “Oh no, it’s normal…”(What bad idea could Sister Meng have?Just telling the truth.When a runner jumped the gun, Wang meng said, “I guess he wanted a lens and a photo in the world.”In addition to mengjie’s front chat commentary, mengjie’s emojis: Our Mengjie with its own sound effect emojis successfully replaced Teacher Wu Jing in the Olympic emojis industry status, (Teacher Wu Jing have a rest, the Winter Olympics wang Meng work!)Orange unilaterally declared this to be the best meme for this year’s Winter Olympics!Wang Meng: “I am the ceiling of every project I participate in.”Sister not only crazy, but also direct propaganda Chen Lu.(Emmon sister how can we still play tron?)But in practice…It came too soon…Next to the elder brother you laugh too presumptuous!Mengjie’s achievements: (Mengjie really tried her best…)Mengjie thought that South Korea is also a whole level of direct appeal, and suddenly wanted to show the beautiful pictures preserved by Jugang.Host: “why China and South Korea have such a deep hatred, Canada is also stronger than but why not this situation?”Sister Meng: “Canada is wiser.”(Then Korea is Yin…Understand all understand ha.Host: “Does The Korean team have any” too dirty “skater?”Montague: “Puck is one of those people who has a lot of hand movements. If she doesn’t reach out, she can’t seem to skate.””Habit action” this opened the mouth of light, next year’s Spring Festival Gala without you I don’t see.In addition to the connotation, the just when we are not afraid of mengjie.When the game south Korean players with a knife cover suddenly came to the sentence “Xi”, hear is dirty mengjie this can be convinced?She said, “Oh my God.”(Quintessence output has.)When the South Korean player was dissatisfied with the Chinese player winning the medal, he viciously hit the Chinese player in the abdomen. Mengjie went up and said, “With whom?”Just opponent ▼ just judge ▼ society you sister, people ruthless words are not much.But the straightforward and outspoken Wang suffered a lot in his youth, getting fired four times and kicked out of the national team twice due to infighting.In 2007, Wang Meng publicly criticized Li Yan after he failed to win the gold medal in 1500 meters at the Changchun Asian Winter Games, saying that Li Yan had not made any plans for himself and that he would quit the national team and return to the provincial team for training.Wang Meng himself did not expect that a simple angry remark was turned into a “blast” by the media. Afterwards, Wang Meng was sent back to the provincial team by the national team.However, after the poor performance of China’s short track speed skating, Li Yan let Wang Meng return to the national team training, and they reconciled in the century.After that, wang meng won three of China’s four MEDALS at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.After the game, he knelt down to thank his teacher Li Yan.Maybe Wang Meng is such an outspoken character, but it does not affect the audience like her, because as an athlete Wang Meng is fully qualified.Wang Meng won the women’s 500-meter gold medal at her first world Junior championships in 2002, becoming China’s first world junior champion.This year Wang Meng 18 years old, with young fame to describe her is not too much.In the 2004 World Cup, Wang Meng won the 500 meters in Holland, Italy, South Korea and Hangzhou.In 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, she won the gold medal of women’s short track speed skating in 500m, the third place in 1500m and the second place in 1000m.Wang Meng has won the final of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics by a wide margin.Witness the miracle of the moment: Using the bend to easily reverse, strength crushing!Wang Meng succeeded in enthroning the god and started the “Mongolian Era”.Deserves to be the world’s first short track speed skater in women’s 500 meters!Hot-tempered, want to say what to say what wang Meng can not avoid often write review, but orange after seeing our sister meng moved, because she always put the honor of the country in the first place.”As long as I can skate one day, I will stand on that ice and defend the honor of my country,” she wrote.At the same time, Wang Meng is also a warm heart kind big sister.On the field of friends face was scratched, Wang Meng warm heart comfort: “you look for the object of the matter I pack.”The Winter Olympics Wu Dajing in the sprint time by other players to shorten the gap, the Internet will be overwhelming accusations that Wu Dajing did not have the strength, the slide can not move lead to rivals catch up.Live wang Meng li support Wu Dajing, directly gave the most professional answer ▼ “Reach not necessarily you can go beyond.”While everyone was congratulating Ren Ziwei for winning the gold medal, Wang Meng reminded everyone not to forget Li Wenlong who won the silver medal.Be generous with your praise for your juniors.Some people question Korea coach In China Ahn Hyun-soo, Wang Meng: people from Russia, South Korea is not qualified to say him.Such a warm mengjie directly love ah!Finally, attached is Mengjie’s upcoming commentary schedule: Set the alarm clock, move to the small bench looks like!The last sentence would like to see mengjie in the Spring Festival Gala sketch said cross talk, the director to give a chance to bai ~