Xingyang Jinglu Street held a training session on voter registration for the National People’s Congress

2022-06-02 0 By

Henan Economic Newspaper reporter Zhang Zhenhe correspondent Fan Yongjie Zhao Dongwei January 28 afternoon, the capital road street in the office of the sixth floor of the conference room held a training session on voter registration work, invited the capital area of the election units responsible for the leadership of the people’s congress to attend the meeting.The people’s Congress election voter registration training meeting by the street party working committee member, director of the people’s Congress working Committee Zhang Zhe presided over the meeting.Then, azhe will this task to explain various phases of the National People’s Congress elections, especially the transition of National People’s Congress need to pay attention to in the process of voter registration matters, business training, the focus is on the verification of the qualification of voters, to voter registration “three-no” in strict accordance with the requirements, for the qualification cognizance of the voters to do good, no leakage, no weight, avoid wrong, leakage, again,Zhang suggested that voters check the list one by one on the basis of the last election, and make “three increases” and “three decreases”.In the end, Zhang reminded the leaders of all units running for election to ensure that the “six keys” of voter registration, namely political, age, household registration, policy, writing and review, lay a solid foundation for the election of the people’s Congress and successfully complete the task of the election according to law and regulations.