You will never guess how many different things can be found in a noodle in Shandong

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Shandong is a gourmet province, shandong people also love pasta.If you ask shandong people what is the most popular food on the dinner table during the New Year, “pasta” is definitely the soul throughout the whole “New Year”.Big steamed bread, flower bobo, dumplings…All are necessary for the New Year in Shandong.Today, let’s come to Lao Lao, Shandong people eat what “pasta” during the Spring Festival.Dumpling skin good-looking and delicious mention of dumplings, in Shandong, all kinds of festivals, let the arrangement of dumplings clearly, fall, start of winter, winter solstice, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, New Year’s day five…….Don’t ask, ask is eat dumplings!When it comes to dumpling fillings, Shandong dumplings are definitely “shoulders”!Spanish mackerel, yellow croaker, squid, Spanish mackerel, shrimp, shrimp, oysters…All kinds of swimming in the water can become dumplings, in addition, there are pork cabbage, pork fennel, pork bean, beef green Onions, mutton carrot, leek egg, zucchini egg……The year of the Tiger is not just about the fillings, but also about the wrappers, which are black dumpling wrappers colored with cuttlefish juice and wrapped with tender cuttlefish.In addition to the cuttlefish dumplings, there are colorful dumplings made with vegetable juice.This year coincides with the Year of the Tiger, with dumplings and “new skin”.”All kinds of wrappers and delicious fillings make it look, smell and taste perfect,” commented netizen.A few days before the Spring Festival, many families in Jiaodong will prepare for making flower bobo, which can be traced back to the Han Dynasty and is still popular in Areas such as Yantai and Weihai of Shandong province.Huabobo is also called “Huamo”, “Dough figurines” and “folk dough flowers”.In Shandong Jiaodong area, many important moments in the family are inseparable from the flower bobo, birthday to the elderly to send “longevity peach”, order to buy a pair of “mandarin duck”……Especially during the Spring Festival, every family will steam big bobo, meaning thriving and thriving.As early as 2009, Jiaodong Huabobo was included in shandong province’s intangible cultural Heritage list.As a branch of Jiaodong Bobo, Laixi Flower bobo technique has become one of the representatives of Jiaodong area after more than 150 years of inheritance and innovation by five generations of Chi family in Jiangshan Sancun, Jiangshan Town, Laixi city.Mix, wake up, knead, shape, a vivid “golden tiger” flower bobo is done.Flower bobo is also a symbol of “New Year flavor” for shandong people.Shandong steamed bread is an intangible cultural heritage, representing the local customs of Qilu and nostalgia on the tip of the tongue.Traditional dough figurines, traditional skills and traditional tastes have touched our hearts and aroused the empathy of people all over the world in the age of new media.In Shandong, people not only need to eat bobo for Spring Festival, but also for children’s full moon and old people’s birthdays.In addition to the flower bobo in Jiaodong, residents in western Shandong have the custom of steaming flower cake and making huamo during the Spring Festival, implying that life gets better every year.A more common one is “jujube flower cake”.It is called “jujube flower cake” because it is shaped like a flower and is made of a big, meaty red date from home.During the Spring Festival in Shandong, besides dumplings and steamed buns, there are also fried fish, twisted dough twist, fried dough twist, doughnuts, dough leaves, and sesame balls.Steamed bread and fried goods are often carried out at the same time.Fried SAN zi (Fried dough twist) You would never guess how many different ways a shandong person can eat a piece of dough.Pasta occupies half the sky in the hearts of Shandong people. Making dumplings and steaming steamed buns is a precious and joyful folk custom during the Spring Festival, when the whole family gets together.