Rare green peonies worth $100,000?Luoyang Wangcheng Park responded

2022-06-03 0 By

Photo taken on April 4, 2019 shows a green peony flower at Wangcheng Park in Luoyang, capital of Central China’s Henan Province.A staff member at The Wangcheng Park in Luoyang said that the green peony picked by the tourists was spring willow, which is not as expensive as the online rumor. The park has installed surveillance cameras and sent special personnel to watch the flowers as they are popular.The reporter searched online and found that the news of “peony picking for 100,000 yuan” originated from a short video, which showed a green peony, which the photographer said was worth up to 100,000 yuan. There were two flowers already blooming, but now only one is left, and there are traces of pinching off the stem of another green peony that disappeared.”The green peony is not as expensive as the online version, and there are many people growing it in Luoyang.”Wu Quanxu, secretary general of the Luoyang Peony Association, told reporters that the green peony, named Chunliu, is a artificially cultivated variety, which is unique in that it shows three colors throughout its flowering period.Bluish green at first, green tip, pale bluish center, pink base, sometimes white.It has been grown in luoyang area for more than 10 years.Compared with the common red peony, the spring willow peony is relatively rare, and the price of the flower is usually 200 yuan to 400 yuan per seedling, which is two to three times the price of the ordinary variety.”The spring willow and peony became so popular the year before last that tourists often came to watch it and even attracted anchors to broadcast it live.”Luoyang Wangcheng Park staff told reporters that the spring willow peony was introduced to the park in recent years, a total of 10 plants, the purchase price was 100 yuan per plant.After the loss, park staff immediately retrieved the monitoring system and found that the flower had been picked by a male visitor at around 6 am on April 3.”This kind of uncivilized phenomenon is not many, we hope people can enjoy the flowers in a civilized way.”At present, Luoyang Wangcheng Park has reported to the local police.To prevent such incidents from happening again, the park has installed surveillance equipment and arranged special personnel to take care of spring willow and peony trees.We call on all visitors to abide by the regulations of Luoyang Wangcheng Park, civilized “appreciate” flowers, do not “hurt” flowers.Source: Elephant News