Regional cluster development of hydrogen energy industry has been preliminarily realized in Zhangjiakou

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Zhangjiakou city in Hebei province is a renewable energy demonstration zone approved by The State Council.Taking advantage of the opportunity of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou has cultivated and introduced 18 hydrogen energy industry chain enterprises, including Ehuatong and Hipper, to preliminarily realize the regional cluster development of hydrogen energy industry.At the same time, hebei Province fuel cell vehicle demonstration application city cluster led by Zhangjiakou was approved and launched, becoming one of the five national city clusters.As one of the regions with rapid development of hydrogen energy industry in China, what are the characteristics and advantages of Zhangjiakou?The reporter carried out interview survey at this point.Hydrogen production from renewable energy is the main development direction of the hydrogen energy industry, according to the long-term Development Plan for hydrogen Energy Industry (20212035), China’s first state-level top-level design document for the hydrogen energy industry released recently.”One of the reasons why Zhangjiakou is suitable for developing the hydrogen industry is that it is rich in renewable energy such as wind and solar.”Ouyang Minggao, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.By the end of 2021, Zhangjiakou’s installed renewable energy capacity reached 23.47 million kW, and renewable energy consumption accounted for 32.5 percent of the total.”Based on superior wind and light resources, Zhangjiakou can fully develop the hydrogen energy industry, including the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry, and then establish a hydrogen energy industry system.”Said Gan Yong, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.Bai Jing, deputy secretary general of Zhangjiakou Municipal Government and director of Zhangjiakou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry in Zhangjiakou is in line with the capital’s water conservation function zone and ecological environment support zone.”The development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry will promote Zhangjiakou to take the lead in achieving peak carbon neutrality and explore a feasible path for hydrogen energy industry to help achieve the goal of ‘dual carbon’.”Bai Jing said.It is reported that during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the electricity supply of zhangjiakou venue will come from renewable energy, and the hydrogen energy supply system will ensure the operation of 710 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Zhangjiakou, realizing the large-scale demonstration application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.Policy innovation lays the foundation for hydrogen Energy Industry to develop a new industry, system construction and policy innovation is an important basis and guarantee.In order to promote the development of hydrogen energy industry, Zhangjiakou has formulated and issued a series of policy documents, including Construction Plan of Hydrogen Energy in Zhangjiakou (2019-2035), Ten Measures of Zhangjiakou to Support the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry, and Safety Supervision and Management Measures of Zhangjiakou Hydrogen Energy Industry, forming a policy system of hydrogen energy industry.Moreover, Zhangjiakou innovatively designed a four-party cooperation mechanism of “government + power grid + power generation enterprises + users”.”This four-way collaboration mechanism allows electricity prices to drop to as low as 0.15 yuan per kilowatt hour, effectively reducing the cost of hydrogen production and laying a foundation for the market-based development of the hydrogen industry.”Ouyang minggao said.In addition, Zhangjiakou gave full play to the policy advantage of “first try first” in the demonstration area of renewable energy, and launched a preferential policy of “self-use, surplus online” and cancellation of capacity electricity charges in the two tariff systems within half a year before and after the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The cost of hydrogen production is largely determined by the cost of electricity. Allowing renewable energy hydrogen production projects to generate electricity ‘for their own use’ will give hydrogen sources a cost advantage and promote the sustainable development of the whole industry chain.”Hebei construction investment new energy limited company deputy general manager Li Yongjin said.The development of hydrogen energy industry needs to follow the path of commercial development and pay attention to large-scale application.As one of the regions with rapid development of hydrogen energy industry in China, the development pattern of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain has initially formed in Zhangjiakou.”Zhangjiakou is accelerating the development of the whole industry chain, including hydrogen energy preparation, storage and transportation, hydrogenation station infrastructure, fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.”Bai Jing said.In terms of fuel cell production, ehuatong Phase II fuel cell engine project with an annual output of 10,000 units has been completed, and Hydrogen Technology project with an annual output of 4,000 units of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell stack production line will be completed and put into operation in Zhangjiakou this year.In terms of hydrogen equipment and vehicle manufacturing, beiqi Foton Ouhui Hydrogen bus production project has been completed and put into operation.Zhangjiakou has also introduced xiamen Golden Dragon Hydrogen energy, Hydrogen auto and other vehicle manufacturing projects.In terms of hydrogenation station construction, 9 hydrogenation stations have been built in Zhangjiakou. Weisan Road hydrogenation station passed the acceptance inspection in July 2021, becoming the first fixed hydrogenation station in Hebei province to be officially operated commercially.Bai Yan, deputy general manager of Zhangjiakou Group, believes that the safety of hydrogenation stations is guaranteed.”Weisanlu hydrogenation station ensures the safe operation of the hydrogenation station through various security measures, such as partition setting, explosion-proof wall firewall, laying of ventilation pipe trench, remote control system, emergency one-button stop system, flame and gas detector, etc.”White rock said.In addition, Zhangjiakou city actively promotes the demonstration application of hydrogen energy in the field of transportation.”At present, Zhangjiakou has put into operation 444 hydrogen fuel cell buses, which have carried more than 65 million passengers and run more than 22 million kilometers, making it one of the most stable cities with the largest number of fuel cell buses in China.””Said Huo Junqing, deputy general manager of Zhangjiakou Public Transport Group Co.According to several respondents, with the release and implementation of the Medium and Long Term Development Plan for Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035), laws and regulations, standard systems, testing and certification, industry supervision and other systems of the whole industrial chain of China’s hydrogen energy industry will be further improved, and the hydrogen energy industry in Zhangjiakou will enter a stage of high-quality development.(Reporter Rui Liu Taoxiong)