TVB has already finished three major dramas, it is expected to be released in the New Year, which one are you looking forward to more?

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In recent years, TVB’s new plays are almost all “fresh” as the selling point, bold opportunities for new actors to take the lead, let the old generation of young actresses are becoming less and less.Into the year of the Tiger, TVB series have been finished.To the number of the most anticipated or three major dramas “Forensic Pioneer V”, “The Word” and “forty-two Chapters”, have called TVB many old drama bones sit, come to see it!Police and bandits, legal affairs are TVB two big emperor card drama, “Forensic pioneer” series is TVB signboard police and bandits drama, this year to film the fifth, Huang Zongze will play the male one, with CAI Jie as a forensic doctor, Yuan Weihao and Wang Minyi will play the police, another heroine CAI Saibei played a special role, responsible for the series of other roles.There are sugar sister, Chen Xiaohua, Luo Yuyi, Lian Shiya, Xu Junhao, Chen Jiahui and other actors as the leading role of the unit, almost used half of the TVB team, the lineup can be said to be impeccable.In the 30-episode fifth episode, forensic, legal and police departments work together to solve the case, with eight units known so far, including “nursing home abuse case,” “Box body hiding case,” and “Clown case.”Forensic Pioneer V has been finished and is expected to be released this summer.Legal subject is TVB’s specialty, “law man” has been completed, two as emperor, as ma Guoming and Lin Xia Wei as the leading role, and also zhang 颕 Kang and Huang Kailuo rare as the leading actor.Drama around the lawyer and the story between the master, to a post, touching case generation to drive the audience.”Law people” by last year’S TVB ratings champion “strange case” supervisor to create, Ma Guoming and Lin Xiahwei first collocation play lovers, but also Lin Xiahwei seal “after” the first play, the whole play is full of points.Fantasy category is also TVB ratings guarantee, “42 Chapters” is full of fantasy characteristics of the nonsense comedy, Chen Hao, Gong Jiaxin, Jiang Jiamin, Zhou Jialuo, Tan Kaiqi, Kuang Jieying several old and new generation of actors together.The story of this play is related to the Story of the Deer and the Caulder. Each character has magical powers and past lives. Chen Hao’s role is related to Kang Xi, and Gong Jiaxin’s role is related to Ao Bai.The three blockbuster series, which all call on TVB’s showmen, are in post-production and are likely to premiere in a scheduled season later this year.Lineup so prosperous drama, will become this year’s Taiwan play?