Take the “train to spring” all the way scenery with fragrance of flowers

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In recent years, traveling around Beijing by train has become a new fashion during the Qingming Festival.Among them, Beijing suburban railway S2 line is also vividly called the train to spring because it runs through the sea of flowers.Beijing suburban railway line S2, built along the old Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway, runs along the Great Wall. Along the way, there are mountains of peach and apricot flowers, which can be described as scenery and fragrance of flowers.CCTV reporter Chen Xi: This is Huangtudian station, and behind me is S2 line, the first suburban railway in China.In order to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and minimize the concentration of passenger flow during peak periods, Beijing suburban railway line S2 operated seven pairs of trains every day from March 22 to April 7.The operation length of S2 line of Beijing suburban Railway is 108.3 kilometers, and there are 6 stations in total: Huangtudian, Nankou, Badaling, Yanqing, Kangzhuang and Shacheng.Passengers can take the bus by swiping a municipal transportation card and buying a paper ticket, or using the QR code of Yitonghang.Li Ran, conductor of The Beijing Passenger Section of China Railway Bureau in Beijing: The train attendants will show the passengers the directions to the scenic spots before the train arrives. Our radio will also introduce the scenery and scenic spots along the way.The best time to appreciate flowers in Beijing is from late March to early April.In late March every year, mountain flowers begin to bloom on both sides of THE S2 line. The S2 line winds its way among mountains and flowers, and is affectionately known as the “train to spring” by netizens.Flowers along the shallow mountain area bloom earlier, qinglongqiao, Badaling and other deep into the mountain area, because the average temperature is lower than the shallow mountain area, the flowering time shifted back about a week.In juyong pass to Badaling section, is commonly known as “guan Gou section”.In terms of geographical location, it is the terrain of “two mountains sandwicked by a ditch”, and trains can be photographed crossing the sea of flowers.S2 line can also direct Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing competition area.Get off at Yanqing station and three kilometers away is gate No. 1 of Beijing Shiyuan Park.The most representative building in Beijing’s World Garden park is the China Pavilion.Behind the China Pavilion is the Guiliu Lake with clear water.The GUI Lake sparkling, reeds cluster.Along the lake, wooden boardwalk and water-friendly wooden platform are designed and built, which is a good experience space for looking at the mountain and water.Here you can look at the sea tuo Peak in the west, overlooking the crown cap mountain in the north, feel the wild fun of nature.After the Qingming Festival, 20,000 square meters of tulips will be in full bloom at China Pavilion, Flower Plaza, Mt. Cheonjeon, and International Pavilion in Sewon Park.The Beijing International Garden Festival will also open on April 28, bringing the melody of spring to visitors.Line S2 will turn back to Beijing at Yanqing station.There is an old qinglongqiao railway station built in 1908 on the way back to Beijing, which does not handle passenger landing service.Although you can’t get off at this station, you can experience the unique charm of the 110-year-old station through the large Windows.The bronze statue of Jeme Tien Yow stands here, and it is also the intersection point where the Chinese character for the Beijing-Zhangjia-China high-speed railway changed from “people” to “big”.In the sea of flowers in spring, this hundred-year-old station has more humanistic and historical charm.Source: CCTV.com