The United States is behind Canada’s “national uprising.

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Truckers are standing next to a motorcade in Ottawa, Canada, near parliament Building on Thursday (local time).The Canadian delegation at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has attracted attention for its fashionable down jackets.But do they know that the capital of their country is “out of control” and in a state of emergency?It all started with a group of truck drivers.On the eve of the demonstration, truckers from many parts of Canada decided they wanted to do something big.Police officers walk past a truck driver demonstration in Ottawa, Canada on Thursday.They wanted the government to see for themselves what was happening to vulnerable populations, and they gathered to rush to the capital, only to be met by a group of people who opposed the vaccine mandate.The two groups hit it off so well that they formed a motorcade and drove all the way to Ottawa, the capital.On February 5th, the same protesters who had been in Toronto poured into Ottawa, with a crowd of 7,000.Anti-vaccination demonstrations in Canada have continued for more than a week, with public antipathy rising.The demonstrators named the convoy “freedom caravan” and acted freely.They packed the front of Parliament Hill, carrying flags.Setting up camp in the city, with horns, music and even fireworks, is extremely noisy.Parking 500 heavy trucks in the so-called red zone brought traffic to a standstill.Truck drivers in Ottawa, Canada, staged a demonstration and more demonstrators joined in, according to reports on Saturday.Originally, the truckers mainly demanded the removal of the vaccination requirement for truckers crossing the Border with The United States.And as the demonstrations spread across Canada, the demands became more generalized — from mandatory face masks to vaccinations to the lifting of quarantine restrictions on businesses and gatherings.The Ottawa government declared a state of emergency on Saturday, saying it had made “mistakes” in its response to the unprecedented demonstrations.Mayor Jim Watson said the protests posed a “serious danger and threat to the safety of residents” and had “gotten completely out of control”.Mr Watson also said the protesters were “calling the shots” and even “taking control”, and that they were already “vastly outnumbered” by the police.The Ottawa Police service has mobilized all its resources and more than 200 mounted police have been dispatched to assist.Police are investigating more than 50 criminal offences related to the demonstration.Ottawa police said anyone trying to provide fuel, such as gasoline, to demonstrators could be arrested.Police said they would cut off fuel supplies to the protesters and arrest supporters who provided them with fuel and other supplies.Ottawa is “a city under siege” and “it’s a national riot,” said Police Chief Stephen Sloely on Friday.The people can’t take it anymore.Lawyers have reportedly sought a ban on honking in the courts and launched costly claims against demonstrators.Prime Minister leaves…File photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.This time, the demonstrators also pointed directly at Prime Minister Trudeau, accused of its lack of governance.The moment of truth, Trudeau spoke, but he came with surprising news!On January 31, Trudeau announced that he had self-isolated himself after testing positive for the Novel Coronavirus test.He reiterated his call for people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and criticized the anti-vaccination demonstration in Ottawa, saying he “will not meet with people who preach hatred and support anti-science.”As Trudeau said, meeting is out of the question.As the demonstrations broke out on Jan. 29, various media outlets revealed that Mr. Trudeau and his family had been moved from their home in Ottawa to an undisclosed location “for security reasons.”In his remarks, however, Trudeau noted that 90 percent of Canadian truckers “do the right thing.”Us boost?According to foreign media reports, the Canadian demonstration is not only supported by its own conservative Party, but also abroad by American media and podcast Logan, billionaire Elon Musk.Former US President Donald Trump has come out in support of the Canadian protesters, saying they “bravely resisted an illegal directive”.Its supporters plan a similar protest in Washington, DC.Canadian police say the protest was funded by money from the United States.However, a US crowdfunding website has decided to refund millions of dollars raised for The Canadian motorcade, prompting complaints from US Republicans including Florida Governor Rick Desantis and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.Some foreign media lamented that the politicization of the epidemic, which was usually seen in the US, had spread to Canada.”Unfortunately, Canada is experiencing the interference of radical American politicians in Canada’s domestic issues,” commented James Hyman, the Former US ambassador to Canada under Barack Obama.He urged domestic forces to stay out of Canada’s affairs.Gerald Bartz, a former senior adviser to Trudeau, said: “For some senior American politicians, patriotism means renting a mob to besiege the G7 capitals.”One of the west’s biggest jokes of the year is that G7 capitals have become “out-of-control sieges”.I wonder if Trudeau, while pointing fingers at other countries’ affairs, has taken a good look at Canada’s own concerns.