Xiong Lei basked in kai Kai dancing, green clothes and blue shoes were ridiculed too soil, is face bump face Du Xinzhi, net friend: finished

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This year’s New Year, Xiong Lei will Du Xinzhi received jiujiang New Year, suspected to live in Xu Min’s property in Jiujiang.One family appears happy and happy, Xiong Lei shows filial piety, with Du Xinzhi couple shopping, du Xinzhi couple to buy clothes, spent a lot of money.Xiong bought Du a fur coat worth tens of thousands of yuan, as well as a pair of ladies’ Martens boots, which were also expensive.Yao got a velvet coat, and I don’t think it was too cheap.It seems that Xiong Lei takes very good care of Du Xinzhi and his wife. In fact, it is just posing for a photo. Du Xinzhi and his wife are used as a tool to market their filial daughter.This is not I with the heart of a villain degree gentleman’s stomach, from the details can be seen, Xiong Lei is not filial people.In the video, xiong can be seen only buying new clothes for Du and his wife, but ignoring his own parents.Her mother picked vegetables and looked at Du xinzhi and his wife wearing new clothes with envious eyes. She wore a common cotton vest.A man who is not filial to his own mother, how can he care about others?Therefore, xiong Lei is not a filial person.Recently, Xiong Lei released a video on social media platform, in which Xiong Lei played with Kai Kai.Unlike Mr. Tian, who rarely appears on camera, the comments on Mr. Xiong’s video were filled with abuse.In order to protect his children from the media, that’s why the brother kept Kai in the camera.In defense of Kai Kai, no matter what mistakes the elder made, the child is not guilty.Kai Kai is still young and doesn’t know anything. There is no need to criticize such a child.We ridicule Xiong Lei and Du Xinzhi because they have done something wrong, rather than purely for their own benefit. We should be clear about this.Anyway, in the video, Xiong Lei took Kai Kai to dance together.Kai Kai is wearing a green hoodie on the top half, black trousers on the bottom half, and small blue shoes on his feet.The clothes did not look good, and many netizens said bluntly that they were too vulgar.Xiong Lei himself very will dress up, look very beautiful.While buying clothes for Du xinzhi, can you also take care of your own children?After all, compared to Du Xinzhi, the child is really related to his brother’s blood, must take good care of his food and daily life.In addition, some netizens said that Kai kai and Du Xinzhi look more and more alike.As can be seen from the comparison picture, Kai kai’s face and Du Xinzhi’s can be called copy and paste, netizens said bluntly: finished.All say grandson with grandma, is did not expect with so much, have to let a person sigh gene is strong.In fact, this is not a good thing, Du Xinzhi now in the Internet reputation is not good, Kai Kai looks more and more like grandma, will not be praised by the netizens, will only be teased, only the February 8 event is not over, the tease will continue.Or suggest that Xiong Lei can let kai completely leave the network, away from the Internet, do not let kai be hurt.To know, some people have no bottom line, otherwise Liu Xuezhou would not choose to commit suicide.Rather than let the net friends consciously, it is better to do early prevention, let Kai Kai do not because of network violence, affect his growth.If you have anything to say about this, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.