After buying a house, what should we do when inspecting the house?

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Housing quality problems will not only harm the personal safety of residents, but also affect the property interests of residents. Once housing quality problems of different degrees occur, it is not easy for owners to apply for overhaul fund.So, what quality problems must be paid attention to?Problem one: poor waterproof causes leakage because waterproof system is not perfect, waterproof material quality does not pass the level leakage of kitchen, toilet to the outside, roof leakage, and vertical leakage to the downstairs is more common in the connection of all kinds of floor and pipeline.When it rains or when toilet and kitchen use large amount of water, leakage will seriously affect the normal life of residents, the ground decoration was damaged, upstairs and downstairs neighborhood relationship was affected;Problem two: wall cracks or floor cracks include wall cracks and floor cracks.Cracks are divided into settlement cracks, temperature cracks, strength cracks, deformation cracks, the specific reasons are uneven wall, structure stress, material strength is not enough, the strength of compressive strength is not enough, the uneven decline of the building, the quality of building materials is not qualified, drying is not enough after masonry;Problem three: the building structure is not perfect or inclined after the settlement period is still downward settlement;Uneven settlement leads to floor tilt;The overall strength is not enough, the building by vibration or swing in the wind;Due to the imperfect structure, part or all of the load-bearing system is not enough, resulting in partial or total collapse of the building hidden danger;Problem four: door, window tightness is poor, deformation doors and Windows after installation, after a period of use, there may be bad sealing, ventilation, material deformation, serious and even air leakage rain problem, some can not open, close.The reason that appears these problems depends on lumber dry degree is not enough, choose material quality is bad, or be subjected to damp invasion after installation, charge for the making of sth. is coarse.General harm of door window quality problem is not big, need local repair only or replace can;Problem five: sound insulation, heat insulation effect is poor residential buildings between each household, between the hall room floor sound insulation and partition wall, the effect of shock absorption is not good, for privacy requirements can not be achieved;Roof, external walls can not meet the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, heating up fast in summer, winter cooling fast.The reason that afore-mentioned phenomenon produces depends on wall body, roof sound insulation, heat insulation material thickness is not enough, material quality is inferior, or construction technology is not up to requirement.