Guo Jidong supervised the inspection of forest fire protection work

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On March 27, Guo Jidong, deputy secretary of the district Committee and head of the district, supervised and inspected the forest fire prevention work.Deputy district chief Wang Zhigang accompanied.Guo Jidong and his party have been to yuguan Town North Chechang village fire checkpoint, Ma Yi Ditch fire checkpoint for field inspection, and view the key forest areas and key points along the way, through talking with the forest rangers, listen to forest fire prevention work report and other forms of detailed understanding of our area forest fire prevention work.After listening to the report, Guo Jidong to my area forest fire protection work to give affirmation.He pointed out that the current has entered the critical period of forest fire protection, and the Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, forest fire protection situation is grim and complex.The relevant departments to improve the ideological understanding, always tense forest fire prevention this string, overcome the fluke psychology and paralysis of careless thought, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, multiple measures to implement the detailed fire prevention measures, to ensure the forest resources and people’s life and property safety.Guo Jidong requirements, to strengthen the duty on duty, give full play to the role of forest rangers, strictly implement the precautionary measures, strengthen the inspection of vehicles into the forest area, the good entrance, strictly prohibit fire source fire into the forest area.At the same time, standardize the mountain worship behavior, guide the masses civilized worship, from the source to prevent the occurrence of fire.To increase the law enforcement inspection efforts, strengthen the key forest areas, key points hidden trouble investigation frequency, found problems immediately disposal.We need to improve the forest fire prevention response mechanism and emergency response plan, strengthen team drills, and improve emergency response capabilities. In case of emergencies, we need to respond and deal with them immediately.It is necessary to strengthen publicity and guidance, vigorously publicize forest fire protection policies and regulations and typical fire cases, so as to enhance the public awareness of fire prevention, guide the masses to actively participate in forest fire protection work, and form a good atmosphere of joint prevention and control.In the inspection process, Guo Jidong also went to Daxinzhai town on tailings pond dam safety survey;We listened to reports on the improvement of living environment and illegal occupation of cultivated land, and made arrangements for relevant work.District emergency management Bureau, resources planning Bureau, agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and other department heads attended the activities.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: