Host Zhang Tian was exposed to marriage, the wedding scene exposure is romantic, the groom’s physique is high and strong hot discussion

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On February 19, the marriage of Jiangsu TV host Zhang Tian sparked heated discussion on a social media platform, and many netizens were surprised by the groom’s appearance.There are guests at the wedding scene posted an interior picture, in the photo, the host Zhang Tian wearing a white wedding dress, she and her husband hug each other, the couple behind a lot of friends and relatives, we are holding a red balloon, on behalf of the blessing of the couple.The groom, a burly man with black-rimmed glasses and a head taller than Tiandu, was not a good match.It is worth mentioning that the whole wedding site was decorated very luxurious, the venue was chosen outdoors, red roses were everywhere.The castle-like buildings are also full of flowers, delicate and romantic.According to guests at the ceremony, the bride was Zhang Tian, a leading actress from Jiangsu TV, but the groom’s personal information was a mystery.After the above information was exposed, it triggered a heated public debate.Many people say the groom’s appearance is too big, giving a sense of oppression.There are people take Tien and host Chang Junye do comparison, said That Tien looks better, but Chang Junye is popular.A look at Zhang Tian’s social media platform shows that she hasn’t announced her marriage, presumably because she doesn’t want to expose her private life.Tian zhang is the host of Jiangsu Radio and Television city channel, and was once named as one of the “ten goddesses” of Jiangsu TV.She is tall and beautiful, so she is loved by many audiences.Not only that, but also a Master of fine arts from Peking University, Zhang tian is a combination of beauty and talent.Check out the official account of Jiangsu City Channel, which has been updated with information about Tian Zhang since 2015, because she is so popular that the company once organized fan meetings for her.Now in addition to hosting work, Zhang Tian seems to be selling goods live, every day has a fixed live time, as well as their own merchandise window.Zhang tian posted a sentiment about her relationship earlier, which seemed to allude to her other half, praising her as a perfect person.She says she likes people who are independent, have things they like to do, don’t interfere in other people’s lives much, know the boundaries of interpersonal communication, and don’t show off what they have.But for the experience of love, Zhang Tian did not disclose, it is a pity.However, from another perspective, feelings are always zhang Tian’s private affair, and it is normal that she does not want to reveal them to the public. I wish her a better and better life in the future and look forward to more good news from her.Jiangsu TV host Zhang Tian, her husband’s appearance level has caused a hot debate, and she graduated from Peking University with a master’s degree