Qimen county thousands of party members of teachers to show the role of teachers

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In recent days, with a sudden OUTBREAK of COVID-19, Qimen County has fully entered the “anti-epidemic” time. Under the severe and complex situation of the epidemic, nearly a thousand teachers from party members in the county have taken the initiative to fight against the epidemic, demonstrating the responsibility of teachers with practical actions!Director be “district chief”, brave be platoon leader of fight epidemic disease “Secretary wang, issue this afternoon pass, still how many building did not send over?I will immediately call 16 volunteer teachers from Yongtai Technical School for you. Is that enough?”At noon on April 6, Hu Shengliang, deputy director of qimen County Education Bureau, said to Wang Wenli, secretary of neihe Street branch, while eating a snack.At two o ‘clock in the afternoon, Wang Wenjie, the principal of Yongtai Technical School, Fang Qili, the branch secretary, led 14 teachers to arrive at Neihe Street community on time.After the outbreak, Qimen County Education Bureau contacted Baobao Neihe Street community to take charge of the epidemic control in Fenghuang community.As the leader in charge, Hu Shengliang entered the state on April 4, from the education bureau to mobilize volunteers to assist in road traffic control in Fenghuang Community, to arrange urban schools to each guaranteed community on duty, everything, the whole implementation.Fenghuang community is the largest residential community in Qimen County, with more than 2,000 households and more than 6,000 residents.In order to ensure the safety of the masses, with the epidemic prevention work smoothly, Hu Shengliang in the bureau of education colleagues with active cooperation, provoked the phoenix community epidemic prevention beam.On the one hand, we arranged 24-hour guard at the entrance and exit of the community, and carried out four shifts. On the other hand, we received some people to visit, and delivered food to solve their practical difficulties.For four consecutive days, Hu Shengliang stayed in the reception hall of the community every day, his voice hoarse, high blood pressure, but relying on the spirit of service, many people and community cadres affectionately compared to “Phoenix community chief.””Elder sister, this is your home’s key card, starting tomorrow, within a week, your family can send a person, two times in and out of the community.Please understand the situation.”On the morning of April 6, Tan Liuer, deputy director of teaching and Research office of Qimen County education bureau, took a colleague, entered the building of Phoenix village, issued the entrance card one by one, and did a good job of communication with the masses.When he went to the community hall for a rest, he found that his back was soaked with sweat.Lao Tan is a veteran party member who will retire in June this year.When the county bureau called for volunteers in the early morning of April 4, he quickly signed up.When his family advised him, he said, “Cherish the time at work and do something.””Uncle, if you want to send vegetables, you’d better send someone to the defense line to hand them over.Don’t go there yourself.At present, prevention and control of the epidemic is the most important thing for us. I hope you can understand.”On April 7, in the qimen county experimental school of yijia Huafu district, experimental school teachers Jiang Wen, Wang Jinlian, Wang Sisi, Wu Yan and other four active party members of the women’s team is to dissuade an old man to send vegetables into the district.There were a lot of young teachers in the experimental school. When the epidemic was on duty, several active applicants took the anti-epidemic work as an opportunity to temper their party spirit and actively applied for the establishment of a team. Like the male comrades, they participated in the all-weather on-duty and successfully handed over a shining admission test.Online teaching, carefully organized quality assurance April 7 morning, Xu Ling school eighth grade home school communication group in the teacher in charge of teacher Sun a “you students still have 10 minutes, pen, notebook ready?Ready to RSVP.”This year’s online learning officially kicked off.This morning the class has three lessons, Chinese, maths and English.Each class is divided into 30 minutes of class time and 15 minutes of online q&A time.In order to protect students’ eyesight, there is a 15-minute break between the first and second classes, and a 30-minute break for activities between the second and third classes.Qimen county has been affected by the epidemic, and all primary, secondary and kindergarten schools in the county have suspended classes for one day on April 6.No suspension of school!County education bureau immediately started online education and teaching work plan, issued a notice, check to confirm that each student’s home network is smooth, whether there is Internet access equipment, and told the children to be ready for online classes at any time.All schools in the county immediately made online teaching schedule, and the head teacher informed students and parents in time, and forwarded the schedule to parents and study groups.Online classes began on April 7, with teachers answering questions online through the national Smart Education platform for primary and secondary schools. Some of them also attended live classes via QQ or Dingding.com. Teachers also answered questions or corrected homework online after class.Source: Zhongan Online