The heart!Lebron James has officially cut ties with Cleveland and is unlikely to return to the Cavaliers.

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The heart!Lebron James has officially cut ties with Cleveland and is unlikely to return to the Cavaliers.Detroit Pistons’ new no. 1 overall pick, Cunningham, has been named MVP of the All-star Challenge. Rick Barry has won the game.Then there’s the skills challenge, the three-point contest, the dunk contest and, finally, the all-star game.It is no exaggeration to say that whenever mentioning Cleveland, people will immediately think of lebron James, although the old James is no longer in Cleveland cavaliers, but he has a Deep Brand of Cleveland!A hero to this city, the architect of the franchise’s first championship, the greatest player in franchise history, he was everything to the Cleveland Cavaliers!He still has something to do with the knight!Even if he leaves Cleveland, people will still associate him with the Cavs.In fact, there are a lot of voices saying that James will end his career in the Cleveland Cavaliers where his dream began.For cavs fans, there was anger, hatred, cursing and name-calling.But now it’s love, and everyone is looking forward to the day their city hero returns to play for his hometown team!But will James really “come home”?This is probably the biggest suspense after his contract expires with the Lakers next year!In the upcoming All-Star game, James will be playing on the same court he used to play on.This is definitely another homecoming for Jayne.”People always say, ‘(to Cleveland) you’re coming home.’But I keep telling people I’m not from Cleveland.No disrespect to Cleveland, but when you’re from Akron, you’re not from Cleveland.I’m from Akron.When you grow up in Akron, Ohio, you don’t feel like anyone cares. The only people who really care about you are from that small town.””There’s no question that Lebron is trying to draw a line in the sand. He doesn’t want to be seen as from Cleveland all the time while ignoring his true hometown of Akron.His return to Cleveland was not really a homecoming, but a return to his old team.It’s also worth noting that this is the first time we hear James draw a line between Cleveland and Akron in public.Maybe that means something too?Maybe lebron is just trying to draw a line between Akron and Cleveland, but that’s just too much for cavaliers fans.Their hero of the city now rightly says he’s not from Cleveland, perhaps implying that he’s unlikely to return to Cleveland because it’s not his “home.”What do you think about that?