Traditional Chinese medicine in The Olympic Village, protecting the ice athletes

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Follow the AI big screen to do taijiquan, extract traditional Chinese medicine blind box gift, watch the human body meridian acupoints THREE-DIMENSIONAL demonstration……In the main media Center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there is such a 100-square-meter but high-tech traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition space, attracting the attention of visitors.In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition space in the main media center, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village and Yanqing Winter Olympic Village have also set up traditional Chinese medicine experience pavilions with the “10-second” traditional Chinese medicine experience as the core concept.These “communication Windows” of TCM culture invite experts from various fields of TCM to participate in the design and create a new paradigm for the dissemination of excellent Traditional Chinese culture with high-tech means as the carrier.It is a special arrangement for this Winter Olympic Games to set up a TCM exhibition space and experience hall.According to media reports, it is also the first time that TCM culture has been showcased in a world-class event.Whether from the exhibition of TCM culture in the Beijing Winter Olympics or the application of TCM in various fields, THE influence of TCM is constantly expanding, becoming a bridge of cultural exchanges between China and the world and contributing Chinese wisdom.As a matter of fact, traditional Chinese medicine, in the form of acupuncture and massage, has made a lot of contributions to the health protection, trauma treatment and fatigue elimination of Olympic athletes in addition to cultural display and experience.Since the opening of the Olympic Village, TCM treatment has become a “star project”.Many athletes come here to experience acupuncture, massage and auricular acupoints to relieve sports injuries, insomnia and anxiety.In preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, a team of TCM experts stationed at the national training team base provided athletes with post-training physical therapy, exercise guidance during recovery and protection during training, depending on their physical conditions.Now, TCM is not only recognized by Chinese athletes, but also loved by athletes all over the world.”Chinese medicine is great, acupressure, cupping, we do it a lot in training, it’s very effective.”At the Traditional Chinese medicine experience hall in Beijing winter Olympic Village, several Brazilian athletes said.In fact, Chinese medicine has become more and more important in the treatment of sports injuries.Li Shijia, a gymnast preparing for the 32nd Olympic Games, was injured in an accident, resulting in temporary dislocation of the knee joint. She was relieved by massage and acupuncture and returned to training within 10 days.On the eve of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Wu dajing suffered from thoracic facet joint disorder syndrome and had difficulty turning his body. He was able to compete in Pyeongchang and win gold.On the other hand, TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine can not only relieve pain, but also make athletes feel lighter.As a world-class event, the Pressure of the Winter Olympics is self-evident.In the Olympic village, because of nervousness or excitement and sleepless at night athletes and team personnel are common, psychological problems have become a major obstacle to the normal performance of ice and snow athletes.Traditional Chinese medicine therapy, which mainly uses massage, acupuncture, electric therapy and other methods, relaxes muscles and releases pressure at the same time, helping competitors stabilize their emotions, so that they can integrate their body and mind in the competition, break through themselves and achieve more achievements.After receiving traditional Chinese medicine treatment, Russian Olympic Delegation executive Neri is sleeping much better, feeling less nervous and suffering from back pain caused by sitting too long at work.She said she first encountered TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in Moscow and that techniques such as acupuncture are becoming increasingly popular internationally.TCM culture is the essence of Chinese culture with a long history. It is not only a treasure of China, but also a contribution to the health of people all over the world.(Zang Mengya)