What does it mean when a woman becomes generous?

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Some time ago, I saw such a story that touched me. The boy and the girl from the school days to the palace of marriage, became the envy of many people, but after the marriage, the boy felt the girl was more and more annoying.When it was cold, the girl reminded the boy to wear more clothes, but the boy was disdainful.After cooking dinner, I called the boy to go home, but the boy didn’t even answer the phone.Sometimes when he got home late, the girl would sit on the sofa and wait, but the boy didn’t feel touched at all. Instead, he felt that the girl supervised him everywhere and didn’t give him free space.In order to express dissatisfaction to the girl, he felt that the girl, that night the boy did not go home directly, thought the girl would be furious and he argued, but did not expect when he came back, the girl was still sleeping, do not talk to him, do not ask where he went.The boy saw this, secretly pleased, feel his method as expected to work, after his wife will not be everywhere in charge of him.Indeed, no matter how late the boy came back later, the girl would not take the initiative to call to inquire about the meal, and did not wait for him to eat directly.He would no longer share his daily routine with the boy, who was unmoved by the joy.Until one day, after the boy went out, the sky began to rain heavily and it was very cold, but he only wore a thin clothes. At that moment, his mind suddenly surfaced the picture of his wife nagging him to wear more clothes when he went out.After listening to this story, MY heart is very touched, many times people are like this, born in the blessing do not know the blessing, when someone cares about you, dislike each other annoying, but never thought that each other do so because of love you.Perhaps the relationship between people is like this, pay too much will not cherish, and when you no longer blindly pay, regard each other as the first time, he will wake up.When a woman starts being generous, it’s probably because she’s leaving.