Female students were laughed at “two younger sister”, because made a gesture, I responded to call people speechless

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The importance of college entrance examination for students is self-evident. It is not only related to the future development of students, but also determines the colleges and universities students will study in. Those students with excellent grades will naturally apply for famous universities, while those with poor grades can only choose the second or junior college.Universities differ in strength and provide students with educational resources and teachers. However, there is no “three, six, nine and so on” among students. The only difference is the heart of students.They are both belong to the college students, undergraduate students or students, although 2 students “gold content” is not as high school students, but also can’t negate, or even a lot of henan, shandong and hebei examinee, itself is very fierce competition, even to enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities of unsatisfactory, but the university entrance exam scores not will be much lower.Female students made a gesture, in the dormitory was derided by netizens as “second sister” actually college students also exists between natural “despise chain”, that is 985/211 school students look down on the double non students, 2 students does college students and so on, but each student attitudes towards learning are different, so not doomed to than ordinary undergraduate universities students “high”, etc.A second-year college student has been ridiculed by netizens for making a gesture in her dorm room after sharing her daily routine with her highly polished makeup. The comments were filled with mixed opinions.The college student was just following a casual gesture to share her beautiful daily life, but some netizens took the gesture too far, saying it meant a second sister.But in fact, the gesture has nothing to do with the students’ educational background, but the students will set the location into two schools, so it will attract many netizens ridicule, and some netizens said: two students, a bright future and so on all kinds of “strange” comments.Many college students have wonderful after-school life. They not only like to share their daily hobbies on various social platforms, but also follow the trend of imitation and so on. However, this has nothing to do with their own educational background.Female students cynically referred “2 sisters, my response was speechless, college students should also be strictly regulate behavior wanted to share their daily, not ChengXiang comments area is full of irony, I have reluctantly responded, frank said: if you don’t say, can not say, and her response is also called a lot of netizens speechless.In the author’s opinion, sitting quietly often think about their own past, gossip don’t criticize others, do their own thing is the most important, rather than standing on the moral “commanding heights” to casually comment on the lives of others, and people do things to leave some room, rather than “harsh words” to strangers, that will also suffer from the consequences.The second grade students are also college students, who also receive higher quality education, which does not mean that they are not good or good for nothing. In my opinion, it is more practical to laugh at others by looking at their own education background or whether their children’s education background has reached the second grade.Although highly educated mocking lower education though it’s very common, but it is because itself has certain “capital” and “chip”, rather than a parrot follow others, think 2 degree is very low, even saying the “2 sisters, after all, learning is endless, is inferior to accumulate their own cultural quality is more important.Does not advocate “discrimination degree”, college students also want to efforts to promote personal ability, don’t care about the opinions of others both 2 students and college students, through their own efforts to the results from test, the student is doing its own choice, so students also don’t be too little, hard, after all, do not live to others look, but rather to become a better myself.Since college students can’t make everyone like them, they should strive to become a better themselves. Their efforts are proportional to their harvest. However, if college students care too much about others’ opinions or ideas, they will also make themselves very difficult, and maybe even lose themselves.Therefore, college students should keep a clear head and correctly view others’ opinions on themselves. Do not pay too much attention to them. If they care too much, it also means that they lose.College students should strive for more educational resources as far as possible, strive to get more “gold content”, more upward promotion.For example, excellent Party members, excellent student cadres, national scholarships and so on. Although the two universities do not have the qualification of “postgraduate guarantee students”, students should also prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination in advance, and have ambitious goals to strive for “a higher level”.Of course, the degree of college students is the “stepping-stone” of employment, students also want to let “resume” enrich more colorful, coupled with a lot of employing units are more attention to personal ability, so students in maintaining excellent results at the same time, also do not waste their own ability, obtain “one skill”.The author’s note: the Internet and illegal land, others will be the focus in word and deed, and college students can do is to strictly regulate their own behavior, the most important things you, don’t be too care about others’ eyes, and degree of “discrimination” is not worth promoting, this is not the quality of the behavior, after all, someone outside the person, than you good people everywhere!Do you think a second degree is too low?Remember to point a little attention, we see you next time ~ (the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Sister Xin education diary