If you are tired of eating big fish and meat, this steamed celery leaf is especially popular. It can relieve greasy and reduce blood fat with fresh fragrance

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Hello, everyone. I’m Wang Junjie, the chef. Today, I’m going to share with you a delicious dish that costs nothing and is simple to make.Big fish and meat are tired of eating, to a powder steamed celery leaves, everyone praised, special delicious.To share with you the specific approach, in fact, master the method is very simple.But this dish can be sold for 28 servings in a restaurant, so we can cook it at home and eat it for free.Follow me and share practical cooking tips every day.In fact, there are many ways to buy back celery, we all know that celery contains dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins and carbohydrates.Celery whole body is treasure, eat not only can lower blood pressure, but also can clean up the intestinal tract, achieve the purpose of reducing weight and fat.I reason, celery leaves than celery also have nutrition, try to buy a little tender celery, pick the leaves, clean, control the water.Water as much as possible control a little bit clean, this step is very key, is also very important.There are a lot of friends steamed bad reason is celery water is not clean control.Celery leaves cut with a knife, add a little cooking oil, mix well by hand, the purpose of refueling is to prevent us from sticking when steaming.Add corn flour, flour, starch, clear noodles, are ok.But give priority to with flour even, other powder is auxiliary effect only.After mixing must be boiled into the pot for steaming, about 3~5 minutes can be, do not steam too much, steam too much.Celery leaves, the color will turn yellow, steamed other dishes are the same.After steaming, take out a little cool, shake it out with chopsticks, add garlic, salt sesame oil, mix well can be, absolutely delicious, everyone likes to eat, kua you are a master, some friends will join chicken essence MSG, in fact, there is no need to add too much seasoning, the more simple the more delicious.This powder steamed celery leaves made, bought back celery leaves do not throw.