Kites and paper kites are not the same thing?How to distinguish?

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The grass grows warbler to fly February day, flick dike willow drunk spring smoke.Children sanxue return early, busy while dongfeng put paper kite.One of the qingming customs is flying kites.Zi is from Shandong, which is also one of the cradles of Chinese kite culture.When it comes to kites, there are a lot of tricks.For example, kites and paper kites are not technically the same thing.Kites, invented in the Spring and Autumn Period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, have a history of more than 2,000 years.According to legend, Modi made of wood wood birds, developed three years, is the origin of the earliest human kite.Later, Lu Ban used bamboo to improve modi’s kite material.It was not until the Eastern Han Dynasty, when CAI Lun improved the technique of paper making, that people began to make kites out of paper, known as “paper kite”.In the Five Dynasties period, there was a man named Li Ye who added bamboo flutes and other objects to the kite. The wind sounded like “zheng”, so the kite he made was called “kite”.At this time, can make sound is called “kite”, can not make sound is still called “kite”.After the Song Dynasty, flying kites around the Qingming Festival became a popular folk custom.Zhou Mi, a member of the Song Dynasty, wrote in “The Wulin Story” : “During the Qingming Festival, people go to the outskirts to fly kites and return at sunset.”Pan Rongbi of the Qing Dynasty, in his book Ji Sheng when Emperor Jing was old, recorded: “Tomb sweeping day, men and women in the city, out of the suburbs, lifting lifting boxes, wheels looking at each other.Each carrying a paper kite, after the ceremony, that is, in the grave.”Kite flying has become a leisure activity during tomb-sweeping Day.Qingming festival flying kites, and qingming wind related.”Qing Jialu” said: “the wind of spring from the bottom up, kite, so there is a ‘Qingming put off harrier’ proverb.”The ancients believed that flying kites on qingming could dispel bad luck.When flying a kite on the Tomb-sweeping Day, write down the disasters and diseases you know on the kite. Then when the kite rises into the sky, cut the kite line and let it drift away in the wind, hoping to take away all the foul gas and bring good luck.(source: CCTV news client) For more exciting content, please download the “Wuhan” client in each major application market.