Lantern Festival near the Intai lanterns popular

2022-06-05 0 By

Sunshine news (reporter Yan Lijun correspondent Duan Jiayao Sun Jing Ren Anding) Hanging lanterns during the Spring Festival is a traditional custom of Our country, the Lantern Festival is approaching, The Yintai district lantern market is also booming, all kinds of lanterns, also add a thick festive atmosphere for the city in the festival.In the old streets of Beiguan and xinqiao in Yintai district, the lantern market is crowded with people and bustling with people.The world of lights, the world of lights, the sea of lights, came to appreciate the lights, choose the lights, buy lights in an endless stream of people.Take a look at the economic brains of the business people, seize the annual rare good business opportunities, have set out the battlefield, take stand up, stand up booth, show a vivid, auspicious lanterns, warm introduction, to attract customers.Citizen Li Na said: “today the weather is particularly good, I took my mother and children, out shopping, just have this lantern meeting, look to choose a beautiful lantern for the child he likes.”Thousands of varieties of lanterns, the lights dressed up colorful, beaming.The modern high-tech electronic zodiac lights, cartoon lights and toy lights, which attract people’s eye candy and attract people’s love, are favored by many children.The whole lantern market is bustling with booming sales.