Newspaper seller Xiao Lang’s “The World” takes only one chapter to skew the rhythm

2022-06-05 0 By

Hello, everyone, click attention, away from the book shortage, I push book sauce water color cold no trace.I don’t know if you have such a feeling, the more I read Xiao Lang’s Spirit Mirror Traveler, the more I feel that the opening part of this new book is no problem surpassing “Dafong Beat More people”.I don’t know why some readers feel new.The Spirit Mirror Walker reveals xiao Lang’s inherent style of creation through the daily life of a family, which can add many topics to the work itself.This is actually very consistent with the current trend of the positioning.At the same time, a single copy of the mirror reveals to the reader the extraordinary and unusual world of the mirror.It should be said that the opening part deals well with the blending of the real world and the mirror world, and is constantly opening up a strange mirror world.Fantasy and reality, human nature and power, the novel slowly conveys a kind of reality ultimately determines the fantasy, and will be affected by the fantasy of the idea of the context, the outside world together, the interesting and thrilling concrete, so that the work is full of layers, let the plot relaxed degree.In terms of setting and conception, Mr. Lang’s new book is a success at the beginning.The reason for the mention of “Xiao Lang’s Version of The World” is that the new chapter “100 States of Life” was recently released, which is really a bit influenced by the TV series.In this chapter, the protagonist devours the spiritual body and visualises memories to interpret some of the life thoughts of life in the world. Although it is a bit out of play in the plot, it is better than nothing in the sense of comedy.However, this kind of life perception is still heavy on negative emotions, otherwise it can not play a role in dispelling the protagonist devouring the spirit body.After all, if you do this over a long period of time, the strength gain is less important than the negative impact on your mood and mind.So this can be regarded as filling a pit, taking the rhythm crooked, perhaps the protagonist will not choose such a way to improve his strength, or maybe it will let the protagonist have unexpected feeling?It won’t be a useless plot anyway.In addition, the novel does not break away from the upgrading of the current web stories — no matter how the protagonist starts, the core idea of upgrading from scratch and accelerating the improvement of strength will not change.So, look forward to more from the main character.What do you think of xiao Lang’s new book?