Open down limit!In the past skyrocketed 200% liquor concept stock collapse!A shareholder lost a car

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Article | compose old ghost shares after a brief scene, to bear.On February 17, Jihong shares opened directly down the limit, selling orders more than 90,000 hands.As of publication, the company’s share price is 16.09 yuan, with a total market value of 6.235 billion yuan.The reason for the share price move is related to a piece of news.According to media reports, Zhuang Hao, jihong’s controlling shareholder, deyang Investment Group, Deyang Development Holding Group Co., Ltd. and The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Deyang City have terminated the agreed transfer of shares due to differences over the use of funds.On November 29 last year, Zhuang Hao of Jihong Shares and his co-actors Zhuang Shu, He Jingying, Zhang Heping and Xizang Yongyue signed a share transfer agreement with Deyang Business Investment, transferring 47.29 million shares held in total to the latter at 19.35 yuan per share.If the transaction is completed, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Deyang City will become the actual controller of the company.But the deal fell through.Data show that Jihong shares went public in July 2016, and began to go out of a wave of main rising wave market in May 2020, its share price rose from around 16 yuan to 49.24 yuan, a cumulative increase of more than 200%, that is, the increase of 2 times.But since September 2020, Jihong shares have entered the downward channel.The stock is down more than 66% from its high of 49.24 yuan and has halved.In the scale APP jihong shares shareholder group, some investors jokingly, “Jihong shares with baijiu, Bytedance and other hot concepts, the stock price is still on a roller coaster, without performance support, certainly bull will not rise.”In April 2020, Jihong announced that the cooperation model with Bytedance is a two-way model, and the company’s online red tape goods are mainly released on social platforms such as Tik Tok.On June 28, 2021, Jihong announced to acquire no less than 70% of the equity of Guizhou Angtai Gong Wine Co., LTD., thus holding the assets of “ancient cellar Wine industry”.But soon after, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a concern letter, requiring companies to explain the need to acquire the target asset at a high premium and whether to cater to the hot speculation of the share price.From the performance changes, Jihong shares in 2020 attributable net profit of 558.7 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 71.25%.The latest performance forecast shows that the company is expected to ascribe a net profit of 234 million to 259 million yuan in 2021, a year-on-year decline of 53.64% to 58.12%.JiHong shares, explains “the outbreak continue for a long time and the market increasingly competitive, cross-border electricity company transportation cost and advertising costs have risen sharply, the guest unit price overall decline is larger, so although orders and revenue scale still rose, but a larger degree of adverse effect on profitability, resulting in a decline in net profit”.Another investor mentioned that “Jihong has received a regulatory letter before because related party transactions were not disclosed in a timely manner and financial aid was provided to the object of equity incentive in violation of regulations”.Public information shows that Jihong purchased advertising services of 11.934 million yuan from related parties in 2021, but failed to timely fulfill the obligation of disclosing related party transaction information.In addition, in August last year, the company provided financial aid of more than 14 million yuan for the acquisition of restricted stock in the name of commodity purchase and advertising expenses.Some investors joked, “Last month cut meat lost more than 240,000 yuan, a car lost.”How do you look at the halved Jihong shares?