New Year’s Day sudden!A woman driver in Jiaxing reversed her car into a river, drowning her entire car

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New Year’s Day, jiaxing car fell into the river!The woman backed up and hit the gas and went into the river!Tongxiang city jiaxing ring net friend @ energy transfer is fact: a female driver reversing the car hit against the guardrail on the accelerator rushed into the river can be seen in the video in the rescuers lifeboat arrived female drivers from the roof to escape from the whole car was submerged in the river with only silver roofline and if the owner failed to escape were trapped in the car the consequences!Follow-up: the vehicle submerged in the river was lifted by a crane!The rear car butt obviously has the impact mark, the license plate all quickly dropped……Thousands of roads, safety first!Go out, safety always put first!Car falls into water, how to save oneself?When a car accidentally hits the water, it doesn’t sink to the bottom quickly, so the occupants have time and opportunity to escape.Also, these little things can be used to get out of a window, which hopefully you’ll never need, but this is a skill we should all learn.1, quickly open the window car fell into the water for the first time to open the window, in case the car sank to the bottom, the door can not be opened.Let the water flow into the car quickly, and when the car is filled with water, the pressure on both sides of the door is equal before the door can be opened.If the window does not open, you must break it with something, such as a car headrest, not with a smash, but with a pry!Aim for the crack in the window, break it, break the glass.In addition to the headrest, the car’s safety hammer, fire extinguisher and so on can be used to break the window, from the window edge or four corners easy to break open.2, timely open the door do not wait until the water is not under the window to try to open the door, then the car pressure is the largest, it is difficult to open the door.When opening the door, pulling the door wrench and kicking at the right Angle will be more effective than the normal door opening action.3. Skylight escape When the car enters the water, if the four doors and Windows cannot be opened, we can choose skylight escape.4, tail car escape skylight escape failure, we choose the tail car, the general car sinking into the water is the front tilt, the tail up floating in the water, gradually sinking.All you have to do is unfasten your seat belt, grab the keys, quickly climb to the back of the car, put the back seat of the car down, find the pull button to open the trunk, and escape from the trunk.Normally, the car would fill up with water in 1-2 minutes. We needed to stay calm and get out of the car and swim to the surface as quickly as possible. We could also climb on the roof and sit and wait for help.In addition, we can seize floating objects in the water, such as basins, fuel tanks, etc., press the opening under the surface of the water, or plug the mouth, as a floating tool, as long as possible to save life.If you don’t have anything to hang on to, float in the ‘jellyfish’ position. This is the easiest way to save energy, but stay calm.Namely after inspiratory the whole body is relaxed bend to float in the water surface, the limbs are naturally pendent, be like water mother to float quietly in the water surface, wait for inspiratory when, both hands lift to descend forehead place to descend, pull water to outside pressure, look up congenitally vomit, inspiratory, then lower the head to close air to restore floating posture.Important reminder: do not move limbs, desperately struggling, Shouting, will waste physical strength.Source: Jiaxing circle, Jiaxing Jia lun network people topics, talk about things