New energy sales of traditional car companies in March: BYD sold more than 100,000 units in March, and EON saw a year-on-year growth of 189%

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According to the latest data from the All-China Passenger Transport Federation, the retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles in March were 445,000 units, up 137.6% year-on-year and 63.1% month-on-month.From January to March 2022, the cumulative retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles totaled 1.07 million units, up 146.6% year on year.On the whole, compared with the sales in February, the sales in March showed a gradually warmer attitude.Among them, the delivery volume of the new force of car manufacturing rose sharply, and part of the realization of breaking ten thousand cars.At the same time, traditional car companies as an indispensable part of the car market, march’s performance is also very considerable.So let’s take a look at the top five.According to byd’s official sales data, byd sold a total of 104,338 models in March, up 160.9% year on year, reaching the 100,000 unit club.Among them, 50,674 DM models and 53,664 EV models were sold.Specifically, the Song family sold 26,729, the Qin family 24,797, the Yuan family 12,881, the Han family 12,359 and the Tang family 9,625.The newly launched Dolphin also had a good performance, selling 10,501 units in March and 4,164 units of the E-series.It can be said that BYD in the new energy model market, from the middle end to the middle end of the full bloom, the results are very bright.It is not difficult to find that BYD’s fuel car sales in March were basically zero, and judging from the structure of BYD’s official sales in recent months, new energy vehicles accounted for nearly 90% of BYD’s sales, while the sales of fuel cars can be said to be negligible.On April 3, BYD officially announced that it would stop producing fuel cars from March.Byd became the first traditional automaker in the world to stop producing all-fuel cars.As for the bottom of BYD’s production of fuel cars, mainly from the technology.Byd started from the battery industry to the pure electric E platform in the three electric technology breakthrough, the advent of blade battery and DM-I super hybrid broke the technical barrier, in the field of new energy technology occupies an important position.In addition, in the market, BYD new energy car sales broke through 100,000 cars, has been rid of the dependence on fuel cars.After the production of fuel cars, BYD can put more energy into the pure electric and plug-in hybrid field, give play to its advantages in the new energy market, optimize its product mix.According to the official data of SAIC-GM-WULing, saIC-GM-Wuling sold 183,023 units in March, with a year-on-year growth of 44.1%.Among them, 51,157 new energy units were sold, accounting for 27% of the overall sales.As the king of MINIEV sales, Hongguang MINIEV has not released its sales volume in March, but according to the data and growth rate of 22,110 units sold in February, Xiaobi believes that the sales volume of Hongguang MINIEV in March is expected to break through 30,000 units, that is to say, accounting for half of the sales volume of new energy.While MINIEV cars are selling well, Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY was officially launched recently.The new car comes in four models and offers a variety of range options, with a price range of 55,800 yuan to 69,800 yuan to meet the needs of more young people.Blind orders for hongguang MINIEV have already exceeded 30,000 units, which proves that the MINIEV still has great potential in the Chinese market.Official data from Chery showed that in the first quarter, chery Group sold 53,054 new energy vehicles, up 2.12 times year on year.Among them, new energy passenger cars, driven by the two models of Little Ant and QQ ice cream, sold 50013 units in the first quarter, up 255.4% year on year.In March, new energy passenger vehicle sales reached 21,817 units, accounting for 43 percent of first-quarter sales.It is worth mentioning that QQ ice cream, which was launched at the end of last year, sold nearly 10,000 units in a month, becoming one of the hot models in the micro pure electric segment.At present, the small ant and QQ ice cream two minicars as the main sales models, get a lot of consumers love, the cumulative sales have exceeded 300,000 units.In addition to deep cultivation in the pure electricity market, Chery also began to layout the hybrid field.At the end of March this year, Chery’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, Ruihu 8 PLUS E +, based on Kunpeng DHT technology, was officially launched. Its starting price of 155,800 yuan attracted the attention of many consumers, and the number of orders has exceeded 6,000 so far.Since gaC Group became independent, pure electric models of GAC Aeon have been in hot demand.Data showed that gaC Eon sold 20,317 new cars in March, breaking through 20,000 for the first time, up 189% year on year.Behind the sale of GAC Aeon is the contribution of multiple models.AION Y, AION S Plus and AION V Plus respectively account for a large proportion in the corresponding market segments, firmly occupying the market level of 150-250,000 yuan, and the refresh of AION LX Plus at the beginning of the year has further improved gaC Aeon’s product matrix.As for production capacity, in February this year gaC Ai ‘an intelligent ecological factory phase ii capacity expansion project has been completed.That is to say, after the expansion, Aeon’s production capacity is released more, which has a greater promotion effect on sales.Changan’s overall sales volume in March was 236,104, among which the sales volume of new energy reached 15,624, achieving a breakthrough of 10,000 units.Take a closer look at changan’s new energy models, there are mainly Benben E-star, Changan CS55EV, Escape EV, etc., but the real good sell is benben E-star.In other words, Ben Ben E-star still carries the banner of new energy sales in Chang ‘an.In terms of products, Benben E-star colorful version was launched in March, launching qingxin version and Feast version of two models, with three new body colors of field green, Xiaguang powder and Snow White, giving a more youthful visual effect.In addition to pure electric models, Changan’s first plug-in hybrid uni-K iDD has also been launched recently, enriching Changan’s new energy product matrix.And whether pure electric + plug-in hybrid can help Changan achieve the goal of “new energy sales of 300,000” set at the beginning of the year, according to the monthly sales of 15,624, Changan’s road to new energy is heavy and long.Conclusion: Judging from the sales volume of the above-mentioned car enterprises in March, BYD has strong strength in new energy.Chery and Changan have achieved good results in the market by virtue of minicar, and began to make efforts in the hybrid market.Saic-gm-wuling and GAC Aeon still stick to pure electric field.It can be said that the domestic market for new energy vehicles is good.However, with the wave of price increases hit, more and more car companies announced price increases, and after the wave of price increases, car companies will maintain this growth rate in April?We’ll see.