Overseas sales of Lu ‘an Solar Power Co., LTD., Jineng Holding Power Group, hit a record high

2022-06-06 0 By

Guided by the enterprise spirit of “innovation, green, excellence and efficiency” and focusing on the “dual carbon” goal, Lu ‘an Solar Energy Co., LTD., Jineng Holding Power Group, has strengthened scientific and technological innovation, optimized sales strategies and ploughed deep into overseas markets. In 2021, its overseas sales reached about 424 million YUAN, up 84.01% year on year, hitting a new record high.Facing the actual situation of tight supply of upstream raw materials, product homogeneity and fierce market competition, the company adheres to the customer-centered, scientific and technological innovation as the engine, and strives to create high-end products, scientifically adjust the sales strategy, optimize the layout of raw material procurement, and iteratively upgrade large-size photovoltaic products.Give full play to the role of four marketing centers in North China, East China, South China and overseas, fully grasp the international and domestic resource conditions, and explore new areas of foreign trade development.In 2021, 7 exporting countries and 28 export customers will be added. Pv products are exported to Belgium, Cambodia, Turkey, Israel and other countries.Company grasp product sales, grasp technology upgrade.On the one hand, through customer portraits and other ways to understand the latest changes in overseas market demand, precision research and development, precision production, precision marketing;On the other hand, according to the development trend of large-scale products, we will increase the investment in equipment renovation, promote the digitalization and intelligent upgrading of the industry, reduce manufacturing costs, improve product quality, and meet the needs of customers with better products and services.And with efficient battery products and quality services, won the “2021 Influence photovoltaic Cell/Module Brand Award”, “Excellent Supplier best Collaboration Award” and other honors.LuAn solar companies will continue to adhere to the “green development, efficiency first”, according to the principle of “delta” inventory management and development, strengthen the strategic layout, overall planning, proactive thinking, and further agglomeration advantage resources, speed up the pace of product structure adjustment, accelerate the upgrading of production line, perfect the industry chain, supply chain optimization, promote the development of photovoltaic industry to a new level.(Article/Edited by Li Wei/Kong Xiannan)