Renderings “exposure”!Nanchong Jiangdong Avenue is about to be upgraded with more than 10 million investment

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Here we go. Good news for you. Jiangdong Avenue is being upgraded and will add a new wave of beauty.Recently learned small make up according to create the overall deployment of tianfu tourism name county takatsubo area investment of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan to jiangdong road tourism landscape, an overhaul of 5 km takatsubo jiangdong road tourism landscape, rectification and local lighting project to upgrade to takatsubo silk, “one thousand times” as the overall positioning with four regions riverside shows, culture and art charm, fashion corridor areaLiving quarters “four pavilion six scene” brigade pavilion, planning exhibition hall tea house decoration, wen gen library six big landscape time takatsubo corridor lighting, spot bamboo theatre, joy, show silkworm, silk paradise, the silk road the spotlight at the same time will build 3 a-class tourist leisure green revealed toilet entrance logo and image design urban ambience, advertising system, such as fast,Za around to planning exhibition hall together with silk culture as the theme of planning exhibition hall set planning exhibition, recreation and selling a variety of functions in one hall design inspiration for silkworm living organisms on the top surface arc element, put the arc seat ground “flow” silk ribbon reader-first takatsubo silk culture tea house tea house decoration decoration with the design elements of architectural decoration and silk cultureA modeling is about to burst through the cocoon of silkworm cocoon for indoor carries a tea bamboo culture art space is mainly to display and sell tea and silk products, tea art show bamboo weaving bamboo weaving wen gen, experiences, have a rest no problem of literary youth hot punch to the silk road the spotlight silk road the spotlight will increase performance stage space add lighting create immersive interactive projection screen rotating deviceInteractive projection experience restores the silk culture scene image, projects it to the ground and interacts with it through sensing body movements and speed, etc. After completion, it will add a unique romance and enthusiasm to Jiangdong Avenue. Do you want to go “chasing the light” together?Graffiti, rotation will be jiangdong avenue and a good place to “walk the Eva” happy spot bamboo here during the day can be a small theatre culture exhibition has movie play areas such as interactive game AI is the most great domestic building immersive gaming experience more than a single breakthrough, sports leisure can strengthen physical health oh good good can only be revealed to the plot here now has entered the stage of foundation construction the whole projectThe project to be completed at the end of April can then I together go to | micro takatsubo ah ~ source