Zhang Xiangan presided over the industrial chain “chain length system” work promotion meeting

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Zhang Xiangan hosted in the industrial chain “chain length” when work advance will emphasize strengthen the awareness of challenge Have the courage to bear as the cadre work “in status” push out “new status” zhang jun YiZhou ZhangSong dongming present Earlier this year, the city in accordance with the “one chain, a department, led by a special working team”, implement the industrial chain “chain length”,Set up 8 industrial chain special classes, city leaders as “chain long”, top priority to promote industrial development.On the afternoon of April 7, Zhang Xiangan, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the promotion meeting of the “chain length system”, which re-mobilized and re-deployed the “chain length system”.Municipal leaders Zhang Junyi, Zhou Dongming, Zhang Song, Hua Jiahong, Lv Dong, Xu Xiong, Lu Yingping, Wang Zhaochun, Tang Houming, Yang Lin attended the meeting.At the meeting, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission reported the overall situation of industry chain work promotion;The leading units of each industrial chain special class reported the progress of the work and the progress of the “double recruitment and double introduction” project one by one;The chain length of the industrial chain has made comments.After listening to everyone carefully, Zhang Xiangan pointed out that chain economy is an important form of regional economy, industrial chain supporting level has become one of the core competitiveness of regional economic development, industrial chain investment is proved to be a very effective way of investment by the practice of the first region.At present, anqing speed up development depends on expanding investment, expanding investment depends on projects, projects are generated in the industrial chain.All levels and departments of the city should fully realize that the implementation of the “chain length system” of the industrial chain is not only a key measure to implement the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, but also a realistic need to speed up the development of Anqing. They should further unify their thoughts and strengthen measures to promote the substantive progress of “chain building, chain repairing, chain extension and chain strengthening” as soon as possible.Zhang xiang ‘an stressed that the eight industrial chains are in line with anqing’s actual and future development needs, although the foundation is weak, but there is a lot of space, we must attach great importance to, seriously treat, speed up the promotion.It is necessary to promote the rapid formation of various industrial chains, scientifically compile and improve the industrial chain map with a broader vision, and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of work according to the blueprint.Seize national policy opportunities with a stronger sense of project, plan for a number of large projects, and make every effort to increase the total amount.To accelerate the “chain length system” work, focus on the project, improve in the negotiation, contract, start, completion, production, production and other aspects of the work;We will speed up the construction of industrial parks and projects to ensure that they are started, completed and put into operation as early as possible.We will work quickly to resolve difficulties, give full play to the leading and coordinating role of the “long chain”, and effectively solve difficult problems such as land use, financing, energy use, and employment of projects.Zhang Xiangan stressed that leaders at all levels should thoroughly implement the provincial “one change two for” spirit of the conference, further change the work style, strengthen the sense of fighting, the courage to take responsibility as, with the cadres “in the state” to promote the “chain long system” work out of the “new state”.To strengthen the leadership, the chain chief, deputy chain chief to bear responsibility on the shoulder, fulfill their duties, do both head and go out;To raise the bar, the work in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country to locate, refine the indicators, courgeeously compete for the first;To work in detail, consider every detail of the project, avoid careless, simple “one size fits all”;To speed up the work, we must do “clear the day and close the day”, never relax the requirements, “today again tomorrow”;Close cooperation is required. All departments involved in the project from negotiation to production should coordinate efficiently, and there should be no division of labor between the industrial chain.It is necessary to ensure implementation, consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, and establish a backtracking mechanism to ensure effective work.(All media reporter Jiang Yue/Wen Luxin/photo) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com