After-hours view of stocks on Feb 7, 2022

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Cycle:As crude oil prices rose sharply during the Spring Festival, today’s oil sector become the strongest rebound plate, coal, nonferrous metal, such as steel plate and plate is affected by the oil plate rebound, the location or see a rebound, but the cycle for the entire cycle plate is a rising trend, colored or head form formed,Oil also came to the oct 13 ’21 low, where there was some pressure, the previous neck line of the head.Finance: finance should start to pay attention to opportunities, first of all to pay attention to banks, followed by real estate, as for securities and insurance do not put too much energy.Consumption, consumption as a whole in addition to agriculture, forestry and fishing can be attention, today’s wine, food and beverage performance is very poor, after brewing a high open all the way down, on September 27, although in 21 years gap, but the possibility is very large, covering gap for the food and beverage, is the below support, once the wine continue to fall, so will certainly affect the food and beverage.Science and technology: the semiconductor trend in the science and technology sector is not good, which directly affects the science and technology sector. Coupled with the negative trend of Meta in the section, the science and technology sector is in a state of repair in the short term, waiting for the semiconductor decline to stabilize, the plate will have support around 2850, observe whether the support is effective.New energy: electrical equipment here should also be repaired, after a round of decline, in the vicinity of 2130 consolidation, I think it is unlikely to fall below the support here, but it is still on the left, the direction is not clear, do not need to spend too much energy, as for today’s GEM high open low is also affected by the Ningde era.Medicine, healthcare: Maintain the previous judgment, there is no need to do these two sectors.Construction: During the Spring Festival, the National Development and Reform Commission announced to moderately advance infrastructure investment. Today, construction, building materials and construction machinery are also in full swing. These three sectors also have opportunities, but more of them are concentrated in construction, so we can look for targets.Overall: yesterday guess today should be a high open low trend, and Shanghai has two positive high open has been relatively stable, one is oil, one is the construction of good, and the growth enterprise market trend is more in line with our expectations.Although today’s Shanghai stock market trend is very stable, but it is clear that there is no volume today, that is to say, there are still possible to measure today’s rise in the next few days, today’s chasing the best to close.It needs to be confirmed whether the bottom of the stage can be formed in Sse and GEM. It is unlikely for V to turn up, so we should continue to observe the support and shape around 3330 in SSE and 2850 in GEM this week.If the bottom is confirmed, short-term opportunities should be in the bank, building inside, can be appropriately concerned.(Purely personal note, written for fun, don’t take it seriously)