Anti-drug publicity enters the premises

2022-06-07 0 By

In order to further expand the radiation of anti-drug propaganda and education activities, to create a strong anti-drug atmosphere, and effectively enhance the public awareness of drugs, drugs, anti-virus awareness, On February 23, Chongxin county anti-drug departments in the urban Internet cafes, KTV and other public entertainment intensive places to carry out anti-drug propaganda activities.Activities, the police into public entertainment industry respectively extend the anti-drug laws, regulations on the prohibition in gansu province and relevant brochures, drug identification, posted in a comprehensible language detailed regulations on the prohibition in gansu province, inform and discipline in the public security organs will crack down on drug criminals places of public entertainment is engaged in the illegal and criminal activities,And to explain to the staff common types of drugs, in-depth popularization of drug awareness, anti-virus, anti-drug knowledge.The development of this activity, further expand the channel and scope of anti-drug publicity, popularize drug knowledge and laws and regulations, improve the awareness of drug and anti-drug industry employees, stimulate their enthusiasm to participate in anti-drug, for the establishment of a civilized city laid a good foundation.