Guangqi Mitsubishi star macro giant hui yi song comprehensive discount 15800 yuan

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Buy Mitsubishi to star Macro Hunan Star macro 15 years focus – central China flagship store!Test drive: participate in test drive or present New Year’s welfare box to the store;Online lucky draw: Dong Ling Automatic coffee machine, Ochs Air Fryer, NetEase Yan Chosun Japanese waist.;Online gift: Book a car and enjoy the car purchase gift package, and participate in the online lucky draw to win the 10,000-yuan Lunar New Year Gift package, receive the goods transfer beads, millet teeth punch and other gifts (limited quantity, first come, first served);Special car: Outlander special edition from 129,800 limited to 2 sets, super bargain, first come, first served;Raffle: you can order a car to draw the grand prize, 100% win the prize;Financial gift: low monthly payment 0 down payment or 0 interest rate easy loan;After-sale gift: 5-year 100,000km-long warranty;Some models enjoy a 7-year 160,000 km long warranty;Replacement gift: used car purchase can enjoy replacement subsidy;Changlian Gift: Enjoy unlimited flow for 3 years (Lingyun Yuexiang Zhilian system);Introduce gift: recommend a friend to buy a car gift send;Hunan Star Hong – the national top ten diamond service shop ★ from the main engine factory near the car source more welfare,Located in Changsha County central Jinxiu Road NO. B2-2 convenient transportation, hotline promotion time from February 06, 2022 to February 08, 2022 Yi Ge latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Changsha quotation 1.5TCVT Two-drive Intrepid edition 150,800 yuan 140,800 yuan 1.5T Manual two-drive Youth edition 129,800 yuan 119,800 yuan 1.5T CVT two-drive Dream edition 155,800 yuan 145,800 yuan 1.5TCVT two drive faith edition 165,800 yuan 155,800 yuan 1.5T CVT four drive burning situation edition 167,800 yuan 1.00 million 157,800 yuan 1.5T CVT four drive true me edition 185,800 yuan 1.00 million 175,800 yuan