Hot search on fire!Bing Dwen Dwen sold out!Net friend: request replenishment

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Is the fire!Out of stock!Who could say no to Bingdwen Dwen?As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games opened, the official flagship store around the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, including a number of handcrafts and commemorative badges, was sold out, with Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong enjoying great popularity.Data figure The Xinhua News Agency JuHuanZong Olympic souvenirs taken popular Beijing games organizers developed a total of 5000 kinds of licensed products, covering the badges, key chain and other non-metallic products, metal products, clothing, apparel and accessories, silk products, ceramic products, stationery, plush toys and all kinds of materials, handicrafts, jewelry, electronic products and accessories,Smart wearable devices, home textiles, luggage, ice and snow sports goods, commemorative stamps and philatelic products, commemorative coins (banknotes), etc.Plush toys, commemorative badges, hand-held toys and hangers have become popular around the Beijing Winter Olympics, but some of them are no longer available as the opening ceremony approaches.On February 4, the reporter saw the online store of the official tmall Olympic flagship store, two of the most popular ice dun dun ornaments, ornaments have been sold out and removed from the shelves, and the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games mascot Xuerongrong ornaments are also out of stock.Bing Dwen Dwen Xue Rong Rong has sold more than 60,000 hand-made toys and ornaments.Many topics related to Bing Dwen Dwen were hot searched on Weibo, and many Weibo users left messages expressing their love for Bing Dwen Dwen.Although we can’t personally participate in the games, we can also close the distance with the Winter Olympics through licensed products, and “collect” the Winter Olympics.Taiyuan traffic broadcast winter Olympics licensed merchandise offline retail stores opened!On the day the shanshan outlet customer service center to participate in the games, support the games keep Beijing Olympics wonderful memory games and carry forward the national feelings when the games are Buddha figure 2 made of hetian jade in China’s traditional ritual “statue” as the modelling, fission, white green, green, on behalf of the summer Olympics, white for the games, the overall design closely around double the theme.Figure 1 Cloisonne edition to The Chinese traditional ritual ware “Zun” as the shape, the use of Beijing’s unique national intangible cultural heritage, one of the eight unique Yanjing cloisonne production technology, combined with the copper carving craft to create, the overall shape of the reference to the national first-class cultural relic “He Zun”.The design closely around the theme of the Winter Olympics, the Chinese traditional culture and modern Olympic culture close integration.Banknote Breaker Curling Is officially launched by The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and approved by the Gold and Silver Bureau of the People’s Bank of China and China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation. It is produced and supervised by Shijiazhuang Banknote Printing Co., LTD., with guaranteed authority.In a nod to the green spirit of the Games, the pieces are modeled after curling stones and filled with fragments of 100-yuan bills, all of which are manufactured in the wrong way.The appearance of the curling stone is made of crystal resin, which is clear and pure. The broken banknotes are placed in the curling stone which can be held in one’s hand, implying a bright future. The hand holds “money”, which is round and full.It not only combines the fine traditional Chinese culture, but also highlights the characteristics of the host city. It promotes curling and ice and snow sports and carries forward the Olympic spirit.Decoration design, meaning, material selection and workmanship are very elegant, is the official highly recommended an Olympic collection, very representative.Such a popular official collection of the Winter Olympic Games, whether for self-appreciation, or collection appreciation, are the best choice, two sizes, you can choose, large curling stone containing 880 pieces of 100 yuan banknotes, mini mini curling stone containing 88 pieces of 100 yuan banknotes.Such a unique Beijing Winter Olympic Games franchise products, bearing good wishes, limited release, do not miss it.Are you interested in the good stuff?Tianmei Fir Outlets customer service center Taiyuan traffic broadcast winter Olympics licensed merchandise offline retail stores to bring this feeling home ~