Lin Yutang: There are four things to happiness

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Life is very short, tomorrow and accident, do not know which comes first.This epidemic has made us rethink the meaning of life.The most important thing in life is not money, fame and wealth, but a healthy body and a safe life.Lin Yutang once said: happy life, nothing more than four things, one is to sleep in his own bed;Two is to eat the food cooked by their parents;Three is to listen to love talk;Four is to play games with children.These seem like mundane things, but that’s where real happiness lies.We spend one third of our lives in bed.Shakespeare said, “Sound sleep is nature’s tender and cherished nurse.”The most secure thing, than lying in their own bed, can do anything, also can do nothing.Feng Jicai had been expropriated, east fled west, worried all day long.Later, Feng was able to live and work in peace and contentment. Every time he returned home at night and saw the lighted window, he felt a sense of comfort and warmth in his heart: “Home is the only place in the world where you can be unguarded.Only in your own home can your body be free and your soul secure.”It’s your space, your own little world.Enjoy the pleasure of solitude in this small world.Schopenhauer said, “A man can only be himself when he is alone…A man is only truly free when he is alone.”In this moment, you are no one’s child, no one’s subordinate, no one’s friend, you are just yourself.Zhang Tingji, a geminist of the Qing Dynasty, has an interesting couplet, “Zhu Huiweng sat quietly for half a day, Ouyang Zifang read at night”.Zhu Huiweng, the Confucian master Zhu Xi, liked to sit quietly for half a day.Ouyang Zi is Ouyang Xiu, he reads in the quiet night, whispers with the ancients, and talks with the soul, in the loneliness to find the most true self.Return to inner peace by escaping from the temptations of fame and fortune.Only at this time, the soul can swim between heaven and earth, communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth, and achieve the little poetry in the vast life, happy and real.Chinese people pay special attention to “eating”, whether it is delicacies, exquisite stir-fry, hot pot barbecue, always make people salivate.But flavour myriad, have only “the flavour in the home”, most let a person be enmying, hang belly to pull bowel.Gourmet CAI LAN said: the world’s most extreme taste is always the taste of mom.When I was a child, at sunset, the air was filled with the smell of firewood and food.Smoke curl, the mother called son.Grow up, we gradually away from home, every time home, parents are busy preparing a table of food.There were no rules, no pandering, no bottles of wine, just simplicity, relaxation, and peace.Lao She said in his autobiography that he missed making dumplings with his family.When Lao She was young, his family was poor. He worked hard for his mother from childhood for a year to buy a dish of pork and cabbage for the family to make dumplings in the kitchen on New Year’s Eve.Lao She envied other people’s dumplings meat, often at this time, his mother would say: our dumplings meat dishes less, but the most delicious!Liu’s and Sun’s dumplings must be “fat and meaty,” but our dumplings will make our stomach and heart comfortable.Later, he realized the meaning of his mother’s saying, “The stomach and the heart are comfortable together.”That is: the whole family support each other, hands and feet are not idle, they will not go to a dead end, and will go to the sound of clunking.The tree wants to be quiet but the wind will not stop.Finally, I gradually understand that there is no one in this world who can love me like my parents.In such a big city, the lamp at the table at home is always lit by us.The most relatives, is the parents;The warmest meal is reunion.03 Listen to your lover speak love words [love] the most touching love words, say it to the person you love the most.Love is more than vows of eternal love, earth-shaking shock, more is a steady stream, together for life.Lu Xun and his original wife Zhu an’s marriage is the order of their parents, they married emotional discord, become strangers.Zhu an said, I am proud because I am the wife of Zhou Shuren.I am also pain, guarding a person who does not love me.Between husband and wife cool thin is nothing to say.Lu Xun did not love Zhu ‘an and regarded her as a “gift” from his mother. He only respected her but had no feelings. His friend Jing Youlin said, “That family is afraid of people.Lu Xun seldom talked with his wife, except in regular conversation.According to his mother, the husband and wife only speak three words a day.”Day and night get along with two people, if often together have no words, in fact, husband and wife feelings already exist in name only.The song “the most romantic thing” sings: I can think of the most romantic thing, is to grow old with you, along the way to collect dribs and drabs of laughter, left to later slowly chat…Happy life, lies in the love of the tacit understanding, no words do not say, the home is full of steaming fireworks.It doesn’t matter what you talk about, it’s the atmosphere you feel every day.As the book of Three Quotations said: “the rest of my life is still long, I wish you and a real love you, chat with the people together, this is the world’s longest love fireworks happiness.”Most people’s life is ordinary and trivial, sit down, chat, listen to each other’s distress, talk about what I saw and heard during the day, I would like to let you know everything about me, and everything about you I am also interested in.We both know that if you love someone, you have to say it.The best relationships are when you want to talk and someone listens and responds.The best kind of companion is one who never thinks you talk too much and knows the joy and sorrow hidden under every sentence.There is also a kind of happiness, there are children in the home, adults play with children, full of laughter, enjoy the happiness of the family.The mother is washing her hands and making soup in the kitchen, the father is riding a horse for the children in the living room, the horse is climbing on the ground, the pony is laughing on the back of the horse, the family is together, more than anything else.Fruit farmer in “My career is a mother” said: to accompany children to grow up, is to return to the original happy time of life, is a worthy of our Thanksgiving thing ah!More importantly, in the company, looking for a childlike innocence.To play with children as a child, to experience the joy of play, to live a lively and interesting life on earth, is a great happiness of life.Qian zhongshu and Yang Jiang are not only immortal companions, but also happy with their child, A Yuan.Qian zhongshu never shows paternal authority. He is more mischievous than his daughter.On one occasion, his daughter, A Yuan, was sleeping with her belly exposed on a hot day. Zhong shu drew a big face on her belly, but Yang jiang scolded her and dared not draw any more.Every night before sleeping, he would bury “mines” in his daughter’s bed, burying large and small toys, mirrors, brushes, and even inkstones or a large number of writing brushes. He would be delighted when his daughter screamed.”It’s not much fun to play with it every day, but Zhong Shu never tires of playing it,” Yang wrote in The Three of Us.Remove all camouflage, maintain a childlike innocence, play with children, childlike innocence is not mindless, naive.What is happiness?We often think about this question.Lin yutang tells us that happiness is actually very simple.Happiness is lying in your own bed, making peace with your body and mind, finding out who you really are.Happiness is to eat the food made by their parents, cherish the days with their parents, parents in life still have to come, parents go, life only return;Happiness is someone in love, accompanied by someone, can talk about no words, can be affectionate, hold your hand, and son xielao;Happiness is playing games with children, with a childlike innocence, accompany children to grow up together.So please love deeply, please cherish, all you have is fun, all you have is happiness.– the END — source | quintessence