Small tomato planting technology and management technology

2022-06-07 0 By

The planting and management techniques of cherry tomatoes are as follows: 1. Cherry tomatoes are double-pole pruning and single-root pruning. It should be noted that the density of the two stems should be reduced by one third, otherwise it will affect the ventilation in the field.At 30~40 cm, branch, leaving only a thick side branch except for the trunk, and pruning.Be aware that if the plant is growing in vain and does not blossom significantly, you should delay pruning until after flowering and fruiting.2. Artificial pollination is not needed in open field cultivation of tomato. In order to achieve better results, artificial pollination can be used, such as placing a bee in the greenhouse or shaking the ear of fruit, which can reduce the effect of using fructification and 2, 4-D.When growing tomatoes at home, the best way to get a better taste is to use the wind to boost the fruit’s growth without a regulator.3. In the management of tomato water and fertilizer, attention should be paid to the control of water in the seedling period, and the growth should be reduced as far as possible.Fruits and vegetables will flower quickly when the plant is weak, which is an adaptation to the environment in the long life cycle of the plant.In harsh conditions, plants bloom as quickly as possible in order to reproduce.Fertilize and water the fruit after ripening, and if drip irrigation is used, only a small amount of spray is required for each watering to make the most of the fertilizer.When growing at home, the fertilizer can be dissolved in water, watering 0.5% to 1% at a time, to avoid a fire.