Audi to cut 150,000 entry-level small cars to buy “luxury cars” will become a thing of the past

2022-06-08 0 By

As the most accessible luxury brand in the “BBA”, Audi’s entry-level small cars, such as the A1 and Q2, are within the reach of ordinary consumers’ tiptoes, and thus the hearts of many young people.The bad news is that the 100,000-plus audi purchases will soon be a thing of the past.In a recent interview, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said there would be no next generation models for the A1 and Q2.That is to say, although the two models are still available for purchase and there is no definite production date, Audi will focus more on high-end luxury models in the future.There are two possible reasons for the sudden elimination of the two entry-level models: to improve product margins and brand image.Although it is on a par with BMW and Mercedes Benz, audi currently has a lower image in the minds of consumers than the other two, at least in the domestic market, because of its large market incentives.And the introduction of entry-level small cars is further pulled down the purchase threshold, compared with Mercedes and BMW will indeed lag.After ditches the A1 and Q2, Audi is now fully committed to building a premium luxury brand, with a luxury electric car in 2025 that will share platforms, technology and accessories with Bentley and Porsche.