“Medicine Tree” : About imagery dialogue therapy, drowned out by great stories

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A glance at the author’s first identity as a psychologist at the bottom of the book’s cover failed to grasp the word “novel” in the “blockbuster psychotherapy novel.”Get Zhu Jianjun’s masterpiece “medicine tree” after opening reading, of course, was surprised.White-collar beauty Chen Shu big good years of cancer.Everyone sees, lie on sickbed Chen tree life already entered countdown, although the fiance Xia Jing of Chen Tree does not give up but also all helpless.Xia jingzhi decides to hold a wedding ceremony with Chen shu in his hospital room in order to let his fiancee leave the world warm — the story of psychologist Zhu Jianjun’s crossover novel “Medicine Tree” begins here.Chen Shu looked for all kinds of reasons to prevent the ward of the wedding on time, because subconsciously she felt that the end of the wedding is also the time she left this world.Since Chen shu is so attached to the world, the novel will arrange the image dialogue psychologist Haiyin to Chen Shu’s hospital bed, try to use the image dialogue this psychological therapy to ease the knot in Chen Shu’s heart, and then see whether Chen Shu’s life from the hands of cancer back.When he became Chen Shu’s patient friend, xiao Dai, a female college student, was obviously in a lighter condition than Chen Shu. Xiao Dai died without the intervention of imagery dialogue therapy.However, it is in the image dialogue with the help of this means of psychological treatment, Chen Tree’s condition is getting better slowly beyond everyone’s expectations, and restore to be allowed to be discharged from hospital to live in the illness with xia Jing before the purchase, decoration of the new house.But, cancer is, after all, the most ruthless killer of present human, before long, Chen Shu’s disease recrudesce…Since it is a novel, why didn’t Zhu jianjun let Chen survive and live happily with Xia Jingzhi?Jian-jun zhu is a famous psychologist, as scientists believe science, empirical, jian-jun zhu, after all, do not like pure novelist to a powerful and unconstrained style, antelope kakari fiction, in the image dialog therapy under the control of the status quo, his wildest dreams also can let oneself of the tree of medicine has an open end,That is, the future of Chen Shu, whose cancer has recurred, hangs in the concern of every reader of Medicine Tree.Only in terms of the plot of the novel “Medicine Tree”, this is a familiar story.If we evaluate the Tree of Medicine from the perspective of literature…Of course, this is unfair to Zhu jianjun, who, as the founder of imagery dialogue therapy, probably never intended to cross over into a blockbuster novelist.He simply wanted to introduce, understand and understand the imagery dialogue therapy he created in a way that was most accessible to ordinary readers.So what exactly is imagery dialogue therapy?The answer I can find is that imagery dialogue technique is a therapeutic technique developed in the practice of psychotherapy.In the course of therapy, the therapist and the patient communicate with (unexplained) symbolic images in order to understand the patient’s subconscious and solve the psychological conflicts in the subconscious.This technique is a combination of the dream interpretation technique of psychoanalysis therapy, Chinese Buddhist spirit and other psychotherapy techniques, and is the product of the combination of psychoanalysis technique and Chinese culture.With such an answer, I hope that non-practitioners understand the imagery dialogue technology, not to say the layman who knows nothing about psychology, like me to spend a year and a half of my spare time to get the second level psychological consultant, also a bit rejected, it is too academic.Did Zhu Jianjun think so?So he took time out of his busy schedule to write a novel that would help the average reader know, approach and be open to imagery dialogue therapy.So, does The Tree of Medicine fulfill Zhu jianjun’s creative will?Are attending academic conferences abroad sea sound promised to accept Chen Shu after psychological counseling, soon came back to The bedside of Chen Shu.”It’s kind of relaxing to have someone to talk to about death, and maybe it’s good that you’re a therapist and not my friend, so you’re not so upset, and that makes me feel better.”The first words said to The sound of the sea, also revealed the reason Chen Shuken accepted psychological counseling: the sound of the sea psychological counseling as a hospice care.Do a feeling in the patient’s psychological counseling, to the psychological division, the harvest is money, but it is physical and mental double pay.Will “medicine tree” read later, we will know that the sea and sound a cancer survivors and she is willing to pay the price of physical strength and heart failure may take over sickly Chen tree, she want to achieve, not like the Xia Jing Chen tree very warm to say goodbye to the world, so she gave Chen in the tree’s name in the first consultation is the most key words, “in addition to the dead,Would you give yourself permission to try to live for yourself in another way?”The key words like a heavy hammer hit on the drum, buzzing in the ears of readers, so that readers can not put the “medicine tree” area watch haiyin to Chen Shu to do the second consultation.In the second consultation, sea sound successfully Chen Shu into the image of the world.In that world, Chen Shu came to a very beautiful place, saw a very beautiful woman, Su Su, Chen Shu was called green.Qingqing, also known as Chen Shu, followed Su Su to the edge of the pond. She watched su Su put a foot into the pond. “The water is rippling, the silver light is changing constantly on the water, and the image of the foot in the water is twisting and shaking…”Although feeling chilly, this scene still induced Qingqing (Chen Shu) to step carefully into the water. “Suddenly, she felt her feet sink, as if she had fallen into the underwater world.The walls of pale blue ice were all round them, so quiet that there was hardly any sound, except for what sounded in the distance like a ticking clock, but obviously not at the speed of a clock…”Jian-jun zhu fictional dialogue is to expound his imagery therapy services, the problem is, every time after the consultation of the world, especially by the sea sound import images in around the Chen story from the tree, than a great one, sat to firm up the printed on the book jacket blurb “ups and downs of a terminally ill people moving spirit, the risks of heart qi”, thus let the reader forget to read the tree of medicine of the intention,Immersed in the cliffhangers of an “amateur” novelist.So I thought, can we make a “separate volume” interspersed in every consultation of Chen Shu and Hai Yin in the tree of Medicine?In this separate volume, there is a basic knowledge of imagery dialogue therapy, and it clearly states the desired outcome of each session. Right?This saves the lazy reader from trying to distill the story’s essence of imagery dialogue therapy after reading the Tree of Medicine.Otherwise, readers without the relevant foundation would be lost in the wonderful story, thus missing the original intention of famous psychologist Zhu Jianjun to write a novel in his spare time.