Our eight years

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I get card [heart] 2013 transition from one family to another family, feel fortunate [f] from now on I have one more home, love me more than a group of relatives, after marriage I own mood.according to strike in the not far away from home to work, every day very full, after work I will be dropped in the supermarket to buy some fruit snacks to the parents and children in the home,Basically to eat myself actually, but as long as see them happy I will be very happy, and pure like a child, I would occasionally gave them sell clothes buy two back, later because when I was four months pregnant with dabao resigned, to be honest I’m not that temperamental, and it was don’t want to go, slowly always cook at home to give,Daughter was born in June 2014, one more with my little angel, because it is a novice mother a lot of things all don’t know much about, every day is very anxious, confined in the children began to try to learn how to give her a bath of milk, I want to do something, the child’s father also wash diapers run the run the busy every day, every day is very busy at that time,Also from then began to sleep every night, to keep the urine at night, sleeping very anxious to finish all the things at a draught, daughter of shallow, there is even a little movement will wake up, because the child’s grandfather also want to work during the day, the voice of the floor drain will wake him up, so that when clothes are washed by hand or lightly in the middle of the night, afraid of noisy to them [SHH],Working outside sister see later I stayed up very late every day, in the online bought a washing machine for me let me wash the clothes during the day, that day I also made a good dynamic moved [crying] was like this for a year and a half, this time I take my daughter out put too heavily, really want to do something, the result is lost to the reality, really want to go out to work, the cruel to her grandmother, her daughterWalk of that day of I also very at ease, not, after all, haven’t left me a day when I go to her grandma a few thousand dollars to her household first, I didn’t say anything, then mood extremely complex, I also secretly through the many tears, people always want to look like before, constantly comfort myself, when young don’t struggle, where old and capital.On the bottom of my 2016 formally from home aunt came to dongguan elder sister home, horse will not stop looking for a job, at that time, like themselves and the society can’t find a job, many companies a listen to is not at home with their children, every day I will be walking a lot in many car, didn’t come back until it is dark, then led industry in guangzhou has been found,Or a classmate for intermediary introduced a casual, do there have less than half a month, the classmate’s company recruit full-time workers I didn’t do it, for around a month I work to stabilize, because a job lost phone also, sister overnight rode over send me mobile phone, I didn’t contact with home, the child’s grandpa blame me a few days didn’t call home,I was very strong to hold back tears, I knew it was worried, the video saw my daughter sitting in the car to eat dumplings by myself, I was also very pleased, can go to work steadily.In 2017 Spring Festival I didn’t go home, the child’s father over the years, guangzhou to find me, I let him in this also looking for a factory to work, always feel two people together will be better, things get changed, he left a few days of play, also is at that time, the second child to the accident, in fact, I really want to work in a company to give, because the family worries too much and failed to adhere to,On the second day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, when I was five or six months pregnant with Erbao, I went home. Because I hadn’t been back to see my daughter for a year and a half, I didn’t expect to sleep with me on the first day of my return. I felt I owed her so much.In September 2017, my son also came to our side. From then on, my daughter was often beaten and scolded by me and kept helping me. She became very angry, and my cute and sensible daughter became silent, so she had to help me with everything in a hurry.I remember once when I went to school because I had to put my brother to sleep, she was angry with a person walking to school from the river, I thought she was outside, but I could not find anyone everywhere, my heart would be broken, and finally I was called to the school education, tears at that time clattering non-stop flow, at that moment I wanted to kill my heart.Slowly brother will take the car, sister will push the car in the yard TO play I cook, sometimes fell off the car hit bad face and head, sometimes eating things lying on the table fell asleep, every time I am also very helpless.The child’s father insisted to go abroad at that time, and the result was arrested for more than four months abroad. I was holding the small one every day to send the big one (if someone was in the small one did not have to take it) day after day.In 2019, due to some reasons, I rented a house in the county seat and began to decorate my new home. My daughter was successfully transferred to the county school. From then on, I almost broke down.Very not easy with two kids looking for a warm room, the first day with them to do health put his hand to get injured, also good question is not big, is not hard, the move that day the hand of the son fell broken again, including the back of the continuous sick is really a headache, basically less than three days to a few days injection, or in the hospital, always have something,Oneself also tired to have a high fever, now also clearly remember often take two injections in the evening, or sister a person in the house, I hold a little to give or take an injection, no one can talk to, all the things in addition to a person really can do, is quietly he suffers, that year is my most difficult one year, ask my sister to borrow money,His own mother also unceasingly absorb, still in the hospital gave me five thousand dollars to use first, all the bitter to swallow, because there is no experience, not rent the house before someone said that may be the result is always sick child is too small without a murderous look to occupy, so insist on for almost a year I began to run around looking for a house with two children,Until July 2020 to start renting a second house.The first grade that year daughter and son are also prepared to kindergarten, because the house rent is expensive so I decided to get a job in a nearby to subsidies home, really want to let the child’s grandmother for help, when he heard that I am not willing to pay more than one thousand, say is not enough to eat and drink, took a few days, she went away and went to the kindergarten work is stable.