Theshy got back together at 18 p.m. on The fifth day of the Chinese New Year, revealing his relationship and saying he wants to be a musician in the future

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Another New Year is coming, I believe you all have a very happy.The most important thing in the New Year should be reunion. Only reunion can have a good New Year.Our most popular league of Legends pro players, the 18th Pole, also reunited on the fifth day of the New Year, which is not very common, if it wasn’t for the New Year, it would not be such a warm scene.So what exactly is a situation, let us understand it together.On February 5, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Xiao Yu updated a video, which went viral after it was released, and people in Incheon were in tears when they saw it.Because the championship team of 18 years is finally reunited, and it was emotional.Since the ig team members have gone their separate ways, such a scene is rarely seen, in the beginning of Friday this day, can get together again, also be regarded as a New Year together.In fact, this video was not filmed on the fifth day of the first lunar month.That’s why rookie wasn’t here, he had a game to play and couldn’t be here.But he also took care to shoot a video as a remote celebration, which is also very good.In the early years of the 18 pole reunion, and together to pack dumplings, in a large square of all kinds of chat, this is not so easy to do at ordinary times, after all, not a team need to avoid suspicion.And in a bombshell revelation, Theshy revealed her current relationship status, as well as the fact that our boy Shy is dating, too.Although Theshy is cute and goofy, it’s time for him to fall in love with someone. He just doesn’t know who the target is and what he looks like. Let’s make an official announcement and let everyone check it out.After chatting and teasing, we made dumplings together and cooked a meal. We tried the delicious food carefully made from our own hands.People are afraid to say that Brother Shy really eats food. He seems to be in a hurry and doesn’t care about his image.How many people in Incheon would not cry at the sight of such a warm scene, and how many people were young when they were 18 strokes away. Now they can reunite and realize their dreams in a disguised way.